Valentines Date Night Inspiration

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I'm starting to think about Valentines Day, and I've been daydreaming about a perfect little date night (complete with the perfect little date night outfit, of course!), so I thought I'd share some inspiration here! Of course, I had to center around my favorite pink color of the moment. 

How cute are these bow pumps!? I think they're my favorite piece here, though it's all so lovely, it's really hard to decide. This would seriously be the most perfect romantic and feminine outfit! 

I hope you're having a wonderful Friday so far!! It's almost the weekend!
Thanks so much for reading! 

snow day


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On me: Sweater: Target (sold out, similar here) | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Boots: Catherine Catherine Malandrino | Beanie: similar | Scarf: similar | Bag: Kate Spade | Gloves: Anthropologie

On Candace: Sweater: here | Jeans: American Eagle  | Boots: here | Scarf: similar | Beanie: similar | Gloves: Target (similar here) | Bag: Kate Spade

So, last night, I was relaxing after putting the kids to bed, and I happened to check the weather, and saw that it was going to snow! I had no idea until a few hours before it started (which is unlike me, because I usually check the weather a lot!). We rarely get snow here in South Carolina, so I was super excited. I texted my friend Candace who lives just minutes from us and we made a play date for in the morning while it was still snowing (play date/picture date. same thing! haha). You can see Candace's blog here!

We had so much fun getting dolled up and taking our pictures together! We take pictures of each other sometimes, but we rarely get to snap any together, in the same frame, so that was nice! Doubles the cute in any picture! haha I hope you enjoy your Wednesday, no matter what the weather is like where you live. I'm off to enjoy this real-life snow globe! 
Thanks for reading! 

black and leopard

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Sweater: Target (sold out, similar here) | Leggings: similar | Beanie: similar | Bag: Kate Spade | Coat: Calvin Klein | Boots: similar 

I got this sweater on clearance for under $14! (And the one I linked is also on sale for a similar price!) This outfit is very unlike me. It's mostly black, with a sharp, pointy heel and no pink at all! haha But I was feeling wearing this black beanie with a leopard sweater, so here we are! I do love to wear outfits like this once in a while. It's not my go-to, but it's fun to feel a bit more edgy every now and then! 

Now that I've properly raved about this outfit, I also want to say I hope you're having a lovely day! Ross has the day off, and we're planning to have some family time this morning, and then my parents are keeping the kids this afternoon, so that Ross and I can recharge and spend some time together. I cannot wait! I also can't wait for the next few outfit posts! Ross will be making a cameo appearance, so be on the look out for those! Thanks so much for reading! 


grey sweater

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Sweater: save, spend | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Earrings: Charming Charlie | Boots: Goodnight Macaroon | Bag: Kate Spade

Something that happens to me more than I'd like to admit; I see other bloggers wearing a particular item of clothing so much, (on instagram, pinterest, and of course, other blogs), that I start to think I also own that piece of clothing... even when, in fact, I do not. That was the case with a grey off-shoulder sweater. I saw grey off-shoulder sweaters so much on instagram this Fall and Winter, that I was on my way to my closet to put an outfit together, only to realize, I do not yet own this sweater. Well, that had to be remedied. How am I expected to live without owning such a crucial piece of clothing!? hahaha So, that's how I came to purchase this cute little top. I love it, and I definitely recommend this as a staple in your Fall and Winter wardrobe. Very cozy, chic, and easy! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! It's FRIDAY!! Oh, and you may have noticed that my website is looking very different! I'm in the process of changing the layout, and I'm not sure I'm completely done yet, but I thought I was close enough to go live with the progress I've made. I've been working so hard on this, and I hope you love it! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

a matching set

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Hat and Gloves: Kate Spade | Sweater: Target | Jeans: Calvin Klein | Boots: Goodnight Macaroon | Handbag: Kate spade

You may have noticed a pattern lately. Bow gloves? Yeah. I got obsessed with bow gloves... and also, it got really really cold! So they were not only adorable, but very necessary! Fun trivia fact: If you just randomly type in "bow gloves" while shopping, like on Amazon, the algorithms will think you mean gloves to use with a bow and arrow. Not exactly my style! haha But not to worry. I clearly figured out how to shop my adorable gloves! 

I hope you're having just the most lovely day!! I'm so glad it's finally starting to warm back up. I love wearing my cute gloves and beanies, but I also love being able to feel my nose! haha. 
Thanks for reading!! 

cream and white

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Top: SheIn | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Boots: Goodnight Macaroon | Coat: similar | Beanie: similar | Bag: Kate Spade

 I love this outfit so much! And what's more... I was actually appropriately dressed for the cold, while taking these photos. Somehow, it always seems I'm outside in the 90 degree weather while wearing scarves and boots, or either in the 20 degree weather, wearing a sleeveless dress, for blog photos. We're always looking to the season ahead! haha. But on this cold January day, I actually got to wear nice warm, weather-appropriate and absolutely adorable clothes. It made for a very enjoyable blogging shoot!

This top is so so so cute, you guys! It's so figure-flattering, with the peplum detail and the large bell-sleeves. Just dreamy! And I got a new Kate Spade bag to replace my other neutral, everyday bag. It's so good!! I'm in love with the soft leather and the slightly lighter color. You'll love this bag!

I hope you're having a fantastic day! Thanks for reading!!

Cozy and Relaxing Evenings

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Sweater Dress: New York and Co. | Beanie: similar | Socks: similar

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Headboard: At Home | Mug: Target | Pink throw blanket: similar 

When it comes to my evenings, once the kids are in bed and I finally get some me-time, I want to make my time as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. That's why we recently redecorated our master bedroom, and have made a special effort to keep it clean and pretty. It's our sanctuary away from the clutter and chaos of two very young children. So, how do I create a cozy and relaxing environment to enjoy my few moments alone? 

1. Make yourself a mug of herbal tea. I definitely go sans-caffeine in the evenings, but a mug of herbal tea or even a glass of wine will definitely end your night on a relaxing note. 

2. Invest in some faux fur pillows or throws. I love the look of faux fur in a bedroom. I think these little pillows instantly add a touch of beauty and make the bed look so inviting. 

3. Add twinkle lights. Of course, you can't leave the light strands where I have them... You have to sleep there. But twinkle lights over the headboard or around a full-length mirror are a pretty, more permanent option. 

4. Wear fuzzy socks and comfy pajamas. I try to change into comfortable clothes in the evenings so I can fully enjoy my time without the restricting jeans or sweaters I might wear during the day. 

5. Take a warm bath. I take a warm bath most evenings, and it's the most wonderful feeling to lay down in a clean bed when you're also warm and clean. 

6. Read a favorite book. One of the worst things for your sleep cycle is to look at your phone late at night. Reading a book is a better option for your eyes and your brain. 

I hope some of these inspired you to create a more relaxing atmosphere and routine in the evenings. They don't take much effort, but I can tell you, the payoff really is worth it!
Thanks so much for reading! 

cape coat

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Boots: Aldo | Leggings: Target | Hat: Similar | Cape: New York and Co. (sold out, similar here) | Top: Similar | Gloves: Similar | Bag: Kate Spade 

I absolutely love this burgundy and black cape coat look. It's giving me Downton Abbey vibes, plus a little Blair Waldorf. What self-proclaimed fashionista doesn't love that!? haha. Y'all, don't miss out on these Aldo boots that are on super sale right now! They're so so cute and a great heel height for everyday wear. 

I hope you're having a lovely week and a great start to 2018! I kind of can't even believe I just typed that, but here we are! As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy your day! 

feminine and pink

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Boots: Goodnight Macaroon | Dress: similar | Gloves: Anthropologie | Scarf: similar | Coat: New York and Co. (similar) | Bag: Kate Spade 

Happy New Year Everyone!! I'm so excited for this year, and I'm so grateful you're here to follow along. Blogging has been so fun, in 2017, and I can't wait to create more exciting and inspiring content for 2018. This year is going to be great!

So, these Anthrologie gloves and this Kate Spade bag are pretty much giving me life in these cold, cloudy, winter days. They're so happy, and are definitely brightening up my wardrobe. You can also shop these wonderful over-the-knee boots, which are my go-to shoes for any Fall or Winter look, right now. This is definitely my new all-time favorite outfit. When I was coming up with it, I thought it might be too much, but once I put it on, I thought.... no. It just perfectly personifies me. In an outfit. haha

I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve and rang in the new year with all the people you love! I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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