Plaid Mini Skirt




Mini skirts and over the knee boots are one of my all-time favorite pairings in the Fall and Winter. If it's super cold where you are, you could always layer some warm fleece-lined tights under your boots, but I didn't need that at all where we are! haha I'm obsessed with this little mini skirt - so pretty and easy to pair with so many tops and boots in my closet! Of course, you could also wear it with pumps for a dressier look. But, even when it does get cold here, these boots plus some over the knee socks under them always keep me super warm, so I'm definitely partial to them! Check out Chicwish for all the cutest mini skirts!

How is your week going? We've been working hard, over here, and I'm definitely already looking forward to the weekend! No judgement, okay? I know it's only Wednesday, but it's already been a long week. Plus, I have so many fun new things to share for Winter, I can't even wait! We were considering finding someplace to go snow tubing this weekend, so I'll definitely keep you updated if we do that. I think it would be so fun! Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great day!



Princess vibes in my Bubble Sweater and tulle skirt

I had such a great time styling this beautiful sweater with these cute little bubble details. I couldn't resist pairing it with this fabulous tulle skirt, as they're both the same tone. And I felt like a princess the whole time! Of course, you could totally pair this lovely sweater with jeans and booties for a much more practical outfit. And, I'll definitely do that in the future... but for now, let's have a little fun on the blog! :) But seriously, this sweater is so perfect. It's super warm, but not overly thick, so less bulky than some, which I love. Plus it's that perfect length to kind of tuck and make it look cropped, or you could wear it longer with leggings or jeggings, if you prefer that look. Chicwish does it again!

 How is your week going!? We're all super excited over here because it might snow a little bit tomorrow. And, we rarely get snow in our area, so it's less of an annoying inconvenience and more just an exciting thing for us to do and prepare for! haha So, today I'm planning to go get all the groceries (bread and milk, because that's just what you do, right?!), and make sure we're fully prepared for our half inch of snow. I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



White Bubble Sweater


This sweater is so perfect for Winter. Super comfy, heavy, and warm. Not to mention, adorable, and can be paired with pretty much anything. I had a lot of fun styling it this way, which isn't the typical direction I go with my outfits, but the black jean and the doc Martin-inspired shoes are kind of doing it for me, right now. Chicwish actually has a very similar sweater, with a v-neckline that comes in several different colors, too. I have that sweater in light pink, and it's super fun to dress that one ultra-girly, so taking this white one the complete other way was super different and fun for me. I've been enjoying experimenting with my style, more, lately, and I'm excited to try out even more different and unique pairings. 

Happy New Year, you guys!! I'm so excited for a fresh feeling to walk into 2021 with. I had hoped not to step into this year with more talks of Covid-19, but I'm definitely excited about the vaccine and the hope that the future holds more normalcy. I can't wait to hug everyone, get together with friends, have my parents and my sister over, again, take the kids to the parks and the stores. I feel like none of us are ever going to take those things for granted, again, and how wonderful will that be! 

Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great New Year's Day and a fun weekend!


Fur Trim Pea Coat


You might think I'm exaggerating when i say this beautiful pink pea coat is my favorite coat ever. EVER! I assure you I am not. It's from Chicwish and fits like a dream - like seriously, was it custom made for me? And it's so luxurious... Thick, and warm, while still keeping your figure. And, do I really even need to mention the color here? I mean, I will. It's the perfect, neutral shade of pink that goes with everything. It's seriously the perfect winter coat, and I'm so glad to have it! The fur collar is detachable, and it looks just as good without the fur. I honestly love it so much both ways, I can't even choose! 

Happy Holidays, you guys!! I can't believe Christmas is THIS week! Are you all prepared?! I have a few more small things to pick up - like a few groceries for the day and stuff. But, our presents are all ready and wrapped, and I CANNOT wait to see the smiles on my kids faces when they wake up Christmas morning. (One of the things I need to pick up is cookie dough to make cookies for Santa! How cute, right?!) Last night, we went and looked at the lights in a few neighborhoods around us, and then came home to drink hot cocoa. And, a few nights ago, we made a gingerbread house together. It's just so sweet, guys. I'm so happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, today, and I hope you have a fantastic Monday!



Onecklace Name Necklace





You guys! I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, and since I've been soooo very good at it, I think I deserved a little something for myself, don't you think? ;) This gorgeous name necklace from oNecklace is just the cutest and sweetest little addition to your jewelry collection. It's so perfect, I think it just might become my "everyday" necklace. You know, those that you constantly find in your rotation and reach for almost every single day!? I can't wait to style it with so many cute tops and blouses. oNecklace has the most perfect selection of personalized necklaces, and they're having a huge Christmas sale right now! Plus, they deliver worldwide for free! 

Are you guys ready for Christmas? I'm officially done with my shopping as of yesterday, and I'm about half done with the wrapping. Having the tree up and the Christmas lights up on our house have made me so happy and feel so festive lately. We went to a little Christmas parade drive-through, here in town, and the kids talk non-stop about what Santa's going to bring them. (They think Santa will bring the snow, but I hate to tell them we live in the South, and they're not likely to get snow on Christmas. haha). But, we're pretty ready for our holiday-ing over here, and I'm super excited!

Thanks so much for stopping by, today, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!