Cozy Sweater and Cute Beanie | Colors of Fall

This outfit is a little different for me, on the blog, but as I've probably shared before, this is the type of thing I actually wear a lot, especially this time of year. Flats are pretty essential for chasing kids, and these days, I've definitely become a fan of my outfits being functional. There's no reason a functional outfit can't also be cute! That's why in the Fall and Winter, I have several pairs of over-the-knee flat boots that I often wear. And, by often, I mean like every day. I was in the dentist's chair this afternoon, wearing my black pair. haha (Don't worry, just a cleaning! All is good.) I seriously love how over-the-knee boots can be dressed up or down, and go with almost everything I want to wear in the cooler months. I was a little concerned that I might look silly in OTK boots, before getting my first pair, but I've since gotten over those fears (I wrote a whole blog post on that!), and I'm super glad I tried them. I have way too many pairs now, and I have another on my wish-list! 

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How gorgeous is this fall foliage!? I couldn't wait to take these pictures last weekend with this gorgeous background. This is right in front of our house, and our whole yard, and really the whole neighborhood, looks so gorgeous with yellow and red hues. So Autumnal, so perfect! I love drinking my tea in the morning, and staring out our kitchen windows at all the lovely trees in our back yard. Just another one of those things I'm grateful for, this season! Speaking of... I cannot believe Thanksgiving is one week away! Holy cow! This year has flown by entirely too fast, and I'm in disbelief that we're nearing its end. It's been a really good one, friends. A challenging one. One that's seen a lot of growth, by me, and by our entire family. But a year full of wonderful memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. I can't wait to make more of those memories throughout the holidays, and spend extra time with these three treasures I get to call my family. 
I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, and do something today that makes you smile!
Thanks for reading!

Fall Family Photos 2018 + The Season of Thankfulness

We've been taking our family photos in November for a few years now. Maybe one day I'll do a "watch our family grow" post; that would be fun! I love seeing how our family has grown in numbers, but also in love, each year. When we were newly weds, we had the world at our feet... everything to look forward to, and endless possibilities (and sleep!). We had big hopes and dreams for our family, and I'm so happy to say that where we are today has surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. A beautiful home with my handsome husband (who grew his hair out for me, which was honestly one of my biggest dreams! haha) A sweet and caring daughter and the cutest chubby-cheeked son. I get to blog, which is one of my biggest passions. I'm eternally grateful and thankful for these blessings in my life. As we approach Thanksgiving, I can't fail to mention my appreciation for all that we have. 

I've been fashion blogging again for a little over a year now, and the sentiment I often come across on social media is one of entitlement and self-service. It saddens me that this is where a lot of bloggers are, because I honestly do wish everyone could be just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I see these beautiful instagram feeds with the perfect colors, flowers, shoes, and jewelry, only to discover that the person behind that feed is greedy, manipulative, and entitled. It really takes away from the magic of what this can be. I don't know where those feelings come from, but I have a feeling it's not from a place of gratitude. I would encourage everyone, not only during this season, but always, to really take a look around at what you have. Be thankful. Be grateful. Tell the people in your life you love them, and you value their love and company. Spread kindness and positivity and watch your life change for the better. 
Happy Holidays, my loves! I'm also so very thankful for you, this holiday season! 

The Pink Show + My New Favorite Shop for Jewelry: Happiness Boutique

I took a tiny break from all-pink, but don't worry! We're back to our originally scheduled programming, over here! haha I've just really been in the mood to feel feminine and pretty, lately, and so what better way to do that than with all-pink outfits, lace and bows? Plus, have you seen these earrings?! I'm obsessed. They're so unique,  with the pink resin that looks like it's been dipped in gold glitter. Swoon. They're from one of my new favorite shops for jewelry, Happiness Boutique. Guys, they have the cutest things for the best prices! I'm totally smitten. You can shop these exact earrings here: Pink Resin Tassel Statement Earrings. And, for a limited time, Happiness Boutique is giving my readers a 10% discount! Just use the code jessicabroyles at checkout! Happiness Boutique also offers free shipping, which is a super cool bonus, especially if you love to online shop, like me. Plus, they have a really awesome reward program, where you can accumulate points and earn cool stuff like a surprise jewelry gift. Be sure to check them out! 

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I hope you guys have had a great week, so far! We're recovering from a cold, and I finally feel a little more like myself again, so I'm super excited about that. Plus, Thanksgiving is just right around the corner, so we're starting to prepare for all the upcoming holiday festivities! Everyone seems to already have their Christmas decor up, so I might jump right in on that soon. I hope you have fun plans for the weekend, and thank you so much for reading! 
P.S. We did get our family pictures back, and they turned out pretty good, given the circumstances (of children acting crazy). haha  I'll share them soon!

Faux Fur Cape + Pink Beret | Gossip Girl Vibes

If you asked me to dream up the perfect cold-weather outfit for myself, this is what I'd come up with. I just love how classic and timeless this look is, yet on-trend with the pinks and over-the-knee boots. I know some people shy away from berets because they can be hard to position just right on your head, but I'd encourage you to try! I just looked up " different ways to wear a beret" on pinterest, and chose the style that best suited my face and hair. Berets are so cute, and a great way to elevate an outfit in such a sophisticated way, plus they can be really inexpensive. I've been so smitten with hats lately, and I'm really looking forward to pulling more of my wool hats out, now that it's colder. Guys, it's like REALLY cold, here, right now! It makes me so happy... mainly, because I get to look so cute! hahaha I feel like I almost skipped the Fall looks, but don't worry, I'll pull in a few more before I completely flip to Winter outfits for good. 

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Well, guys... Our family photo session was absolute chaos, mostly how I expected it to go! haha I'm actually sore from tossing the kids around and bouncing them, doing whatever I could to get a smile.  But I'm hopeful that our photographer still got some cute photos - at least some with us tickling the kids and running around with them, stuff like that. If you don't have kids yet, just know that family photos really are just as hard as everyone says they are. You feel like you've got this under control, but you so don't! If kids are good for anything, it's teaching you that you are not in control. haha! Still, the truth is, I know there will come a time when family photos aren't so chaotic; My kids will stand and smile, and act like the young adults they've become, and I'll miss these sweet memories of chasing them around in heels and kissing their chubby cheeks. So, even though things can get stressful, and a lot of the things we do seem chaotic and make me crazy, I'll try to enjoy these sweet  times with the two of them. They're only little once. 
I hope you had a fun weekend, and have a wonderful and productive Monday! Thanks so much for reading!

An Updated Version of My Very First Look

My first look on the blog was also an off-the-shoulder black top with a pink suede-look skirt. And, I still absolutely love it, as well as this updated, slightly different version of the outfit. I can't help myself, when I find a look that I love, I just really get into it (for example, OTK boots, mini skirts, bows, pink, ruffles, and off-the-shoulder tops)! I'm so excited to have more of these things in the mix, now that it's cold outside, and I really can't wait to include some of the fun coats and capes in my closet! You guys, I have this outfit on deck that's giving me "Jenny Humphrey/Blair Waldorf" vibes in the biggest way, and I LOVE it! Like new levels of obsession with this outfit! Seriously can't wait to share that and a few others I've been planning. Is it normal to get this excited about an outfit?! I'm not sure, but I let myself get excited anyway! hahaha

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You guys!! We're doing our family photos this weekend with my favorite photographer, and I can't wait! She took our family photos last year, and those have been my absolute favorite photos all year. I'm beyond excited to see what we can come away with this year. Isn't it funny how we put so much emphasis on getting a good family photo, especially when we have young children, and we know it's just going to be a big stressful experience. Someone was sharing on their instagram the other day, how they usually hate the whole experience of family pictures, but love the outcome. Ours is usually stressful, but if I can let myself enjoy it, and actually just interact with the kids and have a good time with them, we come out with much better, genuine looking pictures. So that's our plan this year. Ross is on board with helping me play with and distract the kids, and it doesn't actually take long, so hopefully they'll comply and I'll get that perfect family photo I'm so hopeful for. Fingers crossed!
Thank you so much for reading, today, guys, and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and a lovely weekend! 

How Having My Kids Helped Push Me To Start Blogging Again

I used to blog. I used to have a completely different blog web address and I blogged there throughout parts of my 20's. For a time, I was really into it, and I had an active following and engagement, and posted frequently. I was a fashion blogger back then too, but we were on a much tighter budget then, having just graduated from school, and paying back enormous student loans. My outfits weren't very trendy, and I rarely bought anything new. I honestly just posted what I wore on the daily (often times, what I wore to church on Sunday), and talked a bit about my life. And I LOVED it! I felt like I actually had a niche, and people really enjoyed seeing an authentic wardrobe and a relatable 20-something who didn't have it all together.

 As time went on, though, and social media became more and more popular (as well as influencers alike), I felt almost paralyzed to blog. How could I be good enough or what did I have to offer, now that there were influencers out there who seemed to offer everything under the sun. I thought, "they're way more beautiful than me, way more tan, have much tighter abs, and obviously all the money to buy every expensive handbag and pair of shoes they want! Plus, they're traveling to beautiful and scenic locations and every shot seems like it's in the most beautiful spot in Dubai or straight under the Eiffel Tower. What can I offer anyone, here? What am I doing?" So I didn't blog for a while. Shortly after I stopped blogging, we decided to start a family, and I had my daughter. I blogged a few times here and there, infrequently after having Lorelai, because I did still really enjoy it, but I was definitely sporadic, and I felt I really didn't have the time or energy to commit to blogging anymore, now that I had a child. Fast forward a few more years, and we had another baby, a boy this time. I now had two toddlers to care for, and vastly less time on my hands to blog. I found myself in Mom jeans and a hoodie most days, and I felt like I'd lost who I was. Being a Mother is amazingly rewarding and wonderful, but it's also exhausting and completely draining. You can lose yourself in it, especially if you're one of those people who values getting to get dolled up now and then and being dressed well. Those newborn and toddler years are not for the faint of heart. (You're basically covered in poop and spit-up and definitely not wearing your cute new suede heels! haha)

When my son was about 6 months old, and I felt like I could basically fit back into most of my clothes again, I was scrolling through instagram one night and I looked at these beautiful Fashion Blogger accounts, and I thought, "I really miss this! I want to do this again!". A few days later, I asked my husband what he thought about just going into the front yard and snapping some photos of me in a cute outfit, so I could blog again. He thought it was a great idea, and that's where this all began again. We're usually just in front of my house, or in front of my parents' house, and we don't travel to scenic spots in Dubai. I don't have the best photos in the world, and I don't edit them quite like the rest of instagram. Sometimes a blurry photo sneaks in, and sometimes, my clothes could have been ironed a little better. And that's okay with me now. What having my kids did for me was to give me a new perspective. I realized that I'm not trying to compete with the best of the best on instagram, I'm just trying to find a place to feel happy and to express my creativity in my favorite way - through fashion and the outfits I put together. I realized that if I wait for everything to be perfect, that time will never come. You just do it... use what you have and put it out there and have fun! It's hard not to feel the push of the instagram hustle, some days, but I really do try to just keep doing this for me. Because I know what it feels like to know you have to take a step back from something you love, and I really did not enjoy that. I'm here because it's honestly something I love and look forward to. I know that success may never find someone like that, and that's truly okay. All I ever wanted was to start putting outfit posts back on the internet, to feel like I was a part of something again, and I've successfully done that (and consistently) for a little over a year now. I'm proud and happy with where I am, and I know the girl I was a little over a year ago would be super excited about my blog right now! I do this for her. I do this for me.

 And that's how having my kids helped me to overcome the doubts I had about myself and start blogging again. I've just been thinking about this a lot lately, and how grateful I am to be able to do this... and I wanted to share this story with you guys. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my outfits with you guys and for this little space on the internet, where a few of you care to comment and share your experiences and thoughts with me as well. I'm so excited and happy to be here, and I'm so thankful to have you here! Thank you so so much for visiting my site and for reading, especially if you made it this far!! Have a wonderful week, you guys! 

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Classic Trench Coat

I just love wearing my trench coat in every season, and I truly believe they are a timeless and season-less piece to have in your wardrobe, but something about Fall always makes me want to wear it even more! Plus, I just love pairing it with pretty pink shades, as the color of a classic trench coat just goes so well with the pinks I love so much. I can't wait to style this trench with my OTK boots, as the temperatures have gotten even cooler since we shot this look. Bare legs might not work as well now. I paired this trench coat with my OTK boots and pink tones in this blog post and it's still one of my favorite looks of all time. Definitely going to do a variation of that look again this winter!

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You guys! I'm so excited about Halloween! The kids have a little thing to attend this weekend, and of course they'll be trick-or-treating next week. It's going to be the first Halloween that Lorelai actually knows what's going on (haha!) and Luke is just going to be adorable, even though he still doesn't understand what we're doing out in the cold dressed up like crazy people. Lorelai has been practicing saying "Trick-or-Treat!" and it's the cutest! Plus, she points out every single pumpkin she sees on a front porch, which is also the most adorable thing ever. She's really loving this Halloween thing, and I have this suspicion that dressing up and going and getting free candy from people might be her new favorite thing. haha. Well, I'm off to do some last minute touch-ups to their costumes! Wish me luck, and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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