Sequins in Spring

If you're like me, you don't typically think sequins for your Spring attire. But, when I saw this lilac-ish sequin top, something inside me told me it would work. (Also, my current need to be "extra" told me it would work! ha!) But, I'm honestly loving these sequins for Spring. Not to mention that sequins and tulle might just be exactly what I was born to wear. So, that helps too! haha

If you look closely, you can see that there's also glitter all over the ground I'm standing on. That's because we had just shot my sister's 27th birthday photos! Happy Birthday to my sister, Lauren! She takes about half of the photos you see on the blog, and I'm so grateful for her help! We've learned so much, together, about photography, and we're always trying to improve our skills for you guys! I'm always so excited to shoot with Lauren. She's the best, and I'm lucky to call her my sister!
Happy 27th Lauren! I love you, sister!

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Bow Detail

I mentioned this pink bow-detail top a few posts ago, and promised you'd see it soon! So here it is!! I love this top for so many reasons. For one, it's the perfect statement piece, and you don't have to think too hard about the rest of your outfit. That makes this the easiest outfit, ever! And, you know... it's just pink with a giant bow. There isn't really anything that is more "me". I also feel I should give a little nod to these nude heels I'm wearing, as well as my handbag. They're both the perfect neutral shade, and go together super well. 

I hope you're having a great week! We got Luke's hair cut for the first time, and that was kind of a big event around here. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I'm so glad I did it before Easter. His outfit is too cute to be rocking the (almost) mullet he had going on! haha He definitely cried the entire time, but you know.... babies. Now that it's done, it's the best! 
I hope the rest of your week is smooth sailing! Thank you so much for reading! 

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Lilac Tulips

Another fantastic look for Easter, or any Spring occasion! These adorable heels and sweet little tassel earrings are so fun! I'm loving incorporating flowers into my looks, these days, and this look was completely inspired by these lilac and white tulips I found, this week! This skirt is basically a cross between lavender and lilac, so I chose to pair it with lilac earrings and lavender heels. I just love the way this outfit came together, and I honestly have these beautiful tulips to thank for the inspiration.

What are you guys looking forward to this week? Aside from putting the finishing touches on our Easter outfits, we're shopping for a new kitchen table and chairs. We just got a new couch that I LOVE. I've had a lot of fun accessorizing it this week (hello fuzzy pink throw pillows, and white faux fur throws!) We've never put much of our budget into decorating our home, but it's been fun to try my hand at home decor, lately! I hope you're having a fantastic Monday, so far, and thanks for reading! 

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Floral Embroidery + Ways To Improve Your Blog Right Now

This outfit would be absolutely perfect for Easter! I'm loving the floral embroidery on the skirt and the tulle overlay (I linked several similar skirt options below, and my exact top, which is the cutest! Love the color and the sleeves.) 

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Today, I also wanted to share 4 ways you can improve your blog, right now, for free! Sometimes, we can get so excited and creative, that we go overboard. (Hi. That would be my hand raised.) And, sometimes, we don't quite do enough to make our blog easy to navigate. Wherever you find yourself on this scale, I've got some tips for your blog, that you can incorporate today! 

1. Choose a cohesive and easy-to-use blog theme. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I visit a blog, and it's so cluttered and difficult to navigate, that I just give up. If I was interested enough to click on your blog link, in the first place, then you should have had my attention once I got there. If the site is so busy and seemingly unorganized that a reader can't even navigate their way around it, that's the one of the biggest turn-offs for a reader. Instead, choose a theme that's aesthetically pleasing, but user-friendly.

2. Make commenting easy. Most blogging platforms, these days, have built-in scam detection. You really don't need to use a captcha program or other scam-detecting software. And, usually, if I have to create my own log-in, specifically for your blog, I won't bother with commenting. If someone wants to leave a comment, don't make it more difficult on them. Try to provide a clearly labeled comment section, free of additional clicking, scrolling, and typing.

3. Make it mobile-friendly. Speaking of additional clicking and scrolling, lots of people will be looking at your blog on their phone. So, your blog should be mobile-friendly so that readers don't have to click and scroll endlessly, which is harder to do on a phone.

4. Consider your audience. Really think about what your readers want to see and read, on your blog. Create headlines and pictures that draw your audience in. Don't just blog for yourself, blog for the audience you have and want to attract more of. 
Like I said, incorporating these tips is super easy and also free! They may be things you've already considered, but forgot along the way, or maybe they're new concepts altogether. Either way, I hope they help you to improve your blog, today.
Thank you so much for reading!


Blue On Blue

This blue ruffle dress is so fun! This type of silhouette isn't my typical kind of purchase, but I saw a similar dress on Tara, from the blog JimmyChoosAndTennisShoes recently, and it looked absolutely breathtaking! So fun, flirty, and feminine. I knew I had to try out this style, and I'm so glad I did! A few style notes on this dress: It runs small, so I would size up, especially if you're between sizes. It also comes with the bow untied, and it takes a bit of work to get the dress exactly how you want it. If fidgeting with your dress bothers you, you may want to choose a slightly different option. But, if you can handle that aspect, this is a really cute and figure-flattering choice! 

How is your week going? We're super busy, as always, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our kids have so much energy and spunk, lately, that they completely wear me out by the end of the day! It's such a fun and exhausting stage of life. They may take every ounce of energy I have to look after, but they're my favorite way to be exhausted! haha 
I hope you're having a wonderful day, and thanks so much for reading! 

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Pink Feathers

This is officially my favorite outfit of all time. I've been looking for a pink feather skirt just like this for a few months now, and when this one went on sale, I immediately scooped it up! Feathers are such a beautiful and unique texture! I love when the wind catches them and you can feel the movement in the picture. I also love how this skirt is a bit longer than my black feather skirt. That makes it a little more appropriate for more occasions. I already can't wait to share more ways to style this piece! And, don't miss out on these gorgeous feather earrings!! They're also on sale right now (for $12!). Such a steal!
(Exact skirt and earrings linked below, other items linked are very similar.)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We had such beautiful weather, and I'm so excited that this week looks like more of the same. The kids and I have been getting outside more and more, lately, and it's so nice to not feel stuck inside the house all day! I've said this before, but I just love this time of year! Perfect temperatures and perfect beautiful flowers, everywhere. Spring is the best.
Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading! 

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Baby Blue Lace

This is one of those dresses that will be a long-time favorite, each Spring. The color and beautiful lace details just embody Spring, to me. The dresses I've listed in the widget below are equally as beautiful. I've listed a higher-end option and a more affordable style. They would both be perfect for Easter! (How is Easter already almost upon us? This year is going by way too fast!)

Speaking of Easter, I have a few looks I'll be sharing next week that would be perfect for Easter! I've been shopping for our family Easter outfits, and that's always so much fun for me! Easter is an occasion we use to get all dressed up as a family and *try* to take a cute family picture (though, that is getting more and more difficult at the kids current ages). But, I'm excited anyway! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and feels like the official start of Spring.
 Thanks so much for stopping by, and for reading, and I hope you're having a great Wednesday!

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That Red Skirt

I couldn't wait to share this beautiful skirt with you, today! It's so fun and feminine! It's so large, it gets squished when I walk through a doorway, and honestly, isn't that what we all want in a skirt?! haha! And this ruffle blouse is so versatile and so affordable! It's going to be on heavy rotation in my wardrobe this Spring and Summer! I absolutely love easy off-the-shoulder tops like this.
(edit: the top I'm wearing is now sold out.)

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Ours was pretty laid-back and those are some of my most favorite! Ross and I took turns catching up on some much-needed sleep on Saturday morning, then we did a little shopping, and had friends over for dinner in the evening. The extra sleep was so nice, I got a bunch of beautiful new things for the blog, and then catching up with friends was icing on the cake! I'm refreshed and ready for this new week! I hope you're also feeling relaxed and recharged, and ready to take on Monday. Let's make it a great week! 
Thanks so much for reading! 
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