Keeping It Casual + Fun Crop Tops For Summer

To be sure, my husband and I are not keeping it very casual in our relationship. haha! We're married with two kids, so there's no denying the not-casual, serious extent of our relationship. In fact, today is our anniversary! But, I definitely wanted to do a casual style post with Ross. In Ross' world, this is pretty much the extent of his "dressing up" (unless, of course, we do have a wedding or event to attend). The man just isn't much for getting dressed up. But I appreciate that at least his casual style has come a long way, over the years. When we first met, he wore the same super-faded t-shirts over and over. He's since found that you can still wear a tee, but it looks a lot nicer if it fits you well, and you pair it with clean sneakers instead of flip-flops. He's since found? Maybe I should say, I've since shown him. haha!

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As for my look, I'm LOVING this flirty little ruffle hem skirt. It's actually not quite as short as it looks in these pictures, though it is short, and I love that for something like a casual weekend date. I've never worn a crop top where I exposed my stomach, on the blog, but I don't mind to! Honestly, I just tend to pair crop tops with high-waisted skirts and shorts, and the outfit ends up covering my stomach. Crop tops are SO in right now, that it's hard to avoid buying them. When I found this little pink crop top with the bow detail, I had to give it a try! I'm kind of loving the crop top trend. I think I have six or so, now. A trend that I didn't expect to be so versatile for me, but it really is! What trend are you surprised you love right now? 
Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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She's Always Buzzing Just Like Neon, Neon


If you recognize the title of this post, then you get bonus points! If not, no worries! You can still have some bonus points, too! It's John Mayer, circa... a long time ago. I remember a John Mayer CD being one of the first ones I ever got my parents to buy me, and I played this particular one over and over. (Neon being one of my favorite songs, but really I loved them all!) Are you really into music? I've gone through all kinds of phases in my life and have enjoyed all different genres of music through the years. Typically, I'm listening to alternative, but I never discount any genre, because I tend to enjoy listening to music, no matter what it is.

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Is this skirt the most fun or what!? I'm loving the color and hemline! I know I typically gravitate toward lighter pinks, but I had to take a spin with this flirty little neon number! I'm also really loving it with this cute little bow-sleeve top. Kind of the perfect combination of sweet and girly plus sweet and girly. haha! What can I say? If my taste in music isn't predictable, at least you know my fashion choices will be. My new skirt has me so excited about ruffle skirts, lately, so I thought I'd share a few I have my eye on! I hope you find some inspiration, and have a wonderful  Memorial Day! 
Thank you so much for reading!

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Let Your Clothes Be A Source Of Fun In Your Life + The Best Sunhats For The Season

My wardrobe is much more than just the clothes I choose to put on each day. My outfits create a world for me that I love and enjoy. Creating a look that I love wearing, and that inspires others is honestly one of my top favorite things to do with my time. So, it saddens me when I see magazines or even other bloggers talking about the "right way" to wear something. I remember when there was a "right way" and "wrong ways" to wear your jeans with booties, a few years ago. Your clothes and the way you choose to style them should be fun for you, and if you're too worried about the roll of your jeans being a millimeter too wide, that really can suck the joy out of it all. So, today, I encourage you to let fashion be fun again. Wear what you LOVE because you love it, not because some random person with an Instagram account told you to. Break the fashion rules, or maybe just bend them. But, above all, have fun with it! That's what Fashion is all about, in my opinion. 

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Speaking of having fun with your wardrobe, isn't this sun hat just the most fun? I've loved sunhats like this for the longest time, and hats are one of my favorite accessories, no matter what time of year. This particular one, with the little pink bow is just the perfect touch to my outfit. This dress, with its eyelet detailing, creates a timeless feel, and I think paired with my classic tote and sunhat, it's just the perfect picnic outfit for late Spring or Summer. It reminds me so much of this Gal Meets Glam Dress, and I was inspired by the way Julia styled her dress. You can shop my favorite sunhats for the season, just by clicking on the picture below. I hope your week has been perfect, and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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Wedding Guest Attire For Couples + Atlantis Wristwatches

Everyone, meet my husband, Jon Snow. Just kidding, his name is Ross, but everyone always tells him he looks like Kit Harington (who plays Jon Snow in the series, "Game of Thrones"). But, don't worry, we are definitely not offended. I love having a famous husband. haha! Actually, we dressed up as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen two Halloweens in a row! You can view those (terrible phone-camera quality) instagram posts here and here

Ross has done "wedding wear" looks before with me, and somehow, I always feel like they look a bit stiff and stuffy. So, for this look, we went for a bit of an un-done, end-of-the-night look. We rolled his sleeves, unbuttoned some of his vest buttons, and left the top two buttons of the shirt undone. I think it definitely helped to create a more relaxed feel for these photos, and this is how Ross usually ends the night if he's gone to an event.

Ross' watches are from Atlantis Wristwatches. They're cute watches, but I would say they're overpriced for what you get. And, shipping is from China, and takes a long time (probably two months for his watches). So, overall, the watches are okay quality, and shipping was slow, in our experience. 

My dress is a cute little Adrianna Papell number that I got in plum a few years ago, and recently purchased in this pretty pink shade. It's the perfect length and color for a Summer wedding or any Spring or Summer event, even church! I went through a phase in my life where all I bought were these kinds of lace, fitted dressed, so I have quite a few, and this is still one of my favorites! I love how my shoes and sweet little bow-embellished bag match the dress perfectly. And, speaking of my shoes, these bow-heels are on major sale and are super cute! Definitely recommend.
Below, I'm sharing my entire look, as well as a few other beautiful dresses that would be perfect for a wedding-guest look. I hope they inspire you, and thank you so much for reading!

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Green Ruffles + My Favorite Pink Accessories

I warned you guys that I have this top in 4 colors now! haha I ordered it in a pink stripe pattern, recently too! Actually, each color is a different brand, but they're all very similar. The blue one that I have and wore first here on the blog (my favorite, still!) is a similar design, but the ruffles are much larger, and they're more stiff, so you can kind of make it do what you want. I really like that about that top. You can stand the ruffles up, or let them fall a little more naturally, but either way, it's definitely a statement piece! The ruffles on this top are a lot lighter, and a bit smaller, though still fun. Plus, it adds a bit of green to my wardrobe, which I do not have much of! 

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I was inspired by the colors of my Mother's Day tulips that my sweet family got for me (really my sweet husband, let's be honest... toddlers don't do a lot of shopping by themselves, nor do they have jobs! haha)! After looking at these pretty tulips all week on the counter, green and bright pink just seemed like a really pretty, natural combination of colors for Spring! So, I added my fun new statement earrings from Target, my pink pumps, and a pretty pink lipstick, and I think the pink accessories really brightened up the look! Below, I'm sharing some fun bright pink accessories I'm loving for Spring. I hope you love them, too! I also hope you're having a wonderful and productive Monday, and thank you so much for reading! 

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Flirty Blues + The Best Neutral Bags

When I wore this outfit for these pictures, my sister said my earrings look like some kind of exotic fruit. She's right, and I think I would be very interested in trying that fruit. Looks delicious to me! haha We also tried some flirty/cutesy hair flip and walking photos, and they turned out cute but blurry, but I thought I'd include one today, anyway! So, that's what that action shot is. There is never a dull moment when me and my sister get together, that's for sure. She always encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone (which can be pretty small, and limiting), and I'm grateful to her for that. 

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I don't think I'll ever get over this combination of my favorite neutral bag and my cute little sandals in a very similar shade. These two pieces make any outfit so easy, especially when I don't know exactly what direction I'm going with my look, that day. I was inspired by my favorite neutral bag to share some other fun, neutral bags that would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Just click on the picture below to shop any of these beautiful bags!
I hope you're having a wonderful Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

Favorite Neutral Handbags: