Red, White And Blue

With July 4th being under a week away (what! How are we already here?), I thought I'd share a little Red, white, and blue outfit inspiration today. I'm absolutely obsessed with this striped top and red bag, which are both totally affordable! This top is so well-made for the price, and looks way better in person than it does on the model online. I kind of hate to link to it, but I can assure you, it's really cute! 

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Do you guys have any fun plans for the 4th of July? We usually grill out with friends and watch some fireworks from our back deck. Until recently, Lorelai has been too young to join in on the firework fun, but I have a feeling that this year she'll either absolutely love them or be completely terrified. haha. I'm excited for all of the upcoming holidays with the kids. They're at such cute ages, where they're starting to realize what's going on, and react in completely adorable ways, not to mention interacting with each other more and more. I know we technically just started Summer, but I'm kind of already looking forward to Fall (and luckily, I'm a fashion blogger, so that's totally acceptable!). But, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy all the fun Summer activities while I await Halloween and pumpkin patches, apple-picking, and cute sweaters. All in due time. 
I hope you have a great Thursday. Thanks for reading! 


Tie-Front Dress

I didn't expect to like this dress as much as I do. In fact, I was pretty sure I'd be unable to wear it, and prepared to send it back, once it arrived. But, I was pleasantly surprised... In addition to being super cute, it's actually quite wearable, at least for me, and I feel comfortable and cool in it. So, if you are more busty than I am, I can see this dress being a bit of an issue, but if you're like me and have not much to speak of up top, I'd definitely say go for it! It also gets bonus points for matching my circle bag perfectly. And! Guys! Look at these adorable and comfy wedges I got recently from Old Navy! I can't even stand it with the cute pink bow on top! They're called blush pink, but they're actually a bit more neutral, so they go with a lot, which is great! 

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So over the weekend, we made a "solid push" (as Ross calls it) on our house updates. We've made so many improvements over the past few weeks, and I'm really proud of our drive and continued motivation, after working all day, each day, and taking care of two toddlers. The exhaustion we feel is real over here, but so is the sense of accomplishment and pride in our home. So, if you notice paint on my fingers or dust in my hair, just ignore that and focus on the pretty outfit! haha! I hope you had a fun weekend, and happy Monday! Thanks so much for reading! 

P.S. I'll be changing my posting schedule back to Mondays and Thursdays, which is what I originally did when I started this blog. So, if you notice a change in my posting times, that's what's going on.


Peplum and Puff Sleeves + The Best Peplum Tops For Summer

Isn't this little puff sleeve top so fun? I'm just smitten with the way it harkens to the European dress styles of the 1900's. But, let's be honest... I'd rather live today, and not have to wear a corset. This little ruched waist detail is just enough to give that hour-glass figure illusion. I've always loved peplum tops. I think they look good on practically any figure, and are so flattering and feminine. This one is definitely no exception. Add some bow-tied pumps in a matching color, and you're sure to bring the femininity to the party.

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So, I last left you with the update that our interior paint job was almost complete, and I'm pleased to share that it's finished, as of yesterday! Now, we're giving our kitchen a small renovation; Something I'm entirely too excited about, and was long-overdue. It's so exciting to see your house become something you're more proud of, and I'm beyond thrilled to get these projects all complete and see the finished product! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have the best Friday and a fun weekend!

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Effie Trinket Chic

You guys... I don't even know with this dress. Yes, I felt like I was trying to be in The Hunger Games movies. Where is my pink wig? haha! I just saw it on the model at Forever21, and I had to take it home with me. I just adore over-the-top ruffles, what more can I say? Also I can visibly see the curls falling out of my hair as I scroll through these pictures. It was almost 90 degrees when we shot these looks. I was absolutely melting, but it was worth it! I love the way this dress photographs, and I love how ridiculous and fun it is! 

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In other, non-ridiculous-dress news, the interior paint job in our house is almost finished! Yesterday was the most nutty day, for me, trying to keep the kids out of our house ALL day, while it was being painted. I'll just say, I'm very very grateful to have a house, right now. But, the new paint jobs looks wonderful, and I'm super excited to get to some other home-improvement projects now that that's taken care of. I hope you're having a productive but smooth week, too! Have a great day, and thank you for reading!


The Perfect Dress

I saw this dress on Macy Stucke's instagram, and I went and immediately ordered it! She looks so absolutely amazing in it, and I was on the search for something fun and youthful, yet appropriate for an upcoming wedding I'm attending. This will definitely be the perfect dress for the occasion, and I cannot wait to wear it! A sizing note: There isn't a size chart on the website from what I saw, but I went with my gut and ordered my usual size small, and it fit like it was made for me! So, I'd say the dress runs true to size. 

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 Today's post is going up a little later than normal, and that's because my husband was out of town all weekend, and I didn't have much time to work on the blog since I had the kids to myself. But, we had such a fun weekend, the three of us, and Ross got home yesterday afternoon just in time to spend some of Father's Day with his babies. Today, I'm so excited because we're making preparations for a baby shower I'm hosting for my sister-in-law. I love party-planning, and baby showers are so fun to decorate for! I hope you're having a wonderful and productive Monday so far! Thanks for reading! 

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Double Ruffles

This is seriously one of my favorite outfits of all time. You guys already know I love ruffles, and this style top. And, this cute little skirt is just to die for. Paired together... well. I'm obsessed! This would be so fun to wear on a date (especially since we usually have dates during the day, these days, now that we're parents). The short skirt with the ruffled hemline is so flirty and adorable, and the colors are also fun and feminine. Plus, it's super cool during this incredibly hot weather we've been having!

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I hope you had a great week, and are ready for a fun weekend! We plan to have a kind of quiet weekend around here, as next week, we're getting the interior of our house repainted, and I gotta say... Not looking forward to that process with two toddlers. But, I am looking forward to the final result! I love what a fresh coat of paint can do for a house. Enjoy your Friday, and thank you so much for reading!


White Lace Dress and oNecklace Jewelry

I have so many fun things to talk about for this look! For starters, I'm so obsessed with my new monogram necklace from oNecklace! It's so beautiful, fantastic quality, and I love that you can completely personalize your necklace around everything from the type of material, to your initials, to the chain type and length! This is definitely my new favorite necklace, and I highly recommend oNecklace! They do more than just necklaces, too! You can personalize bracelets, rings, earrings, even keychains! I received my necklace quickly, in perfect condition, and I love it way too much!

Also, how fun is this arc bag?! I realize that tons of bloggers have them, but for good reason! They're such an interesting design, and I love the way they photograph! I've had my eye on this one for a while, and I picked it up a few weeks ago, but I'm just now getting to photograph it for the blog. I'm also just loving this sweet white lace dress! Isn't it the most perfect dress for any bridal events? I'd totally recommend it, and it's such a great price, too!

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