Double Gingham

Even though I definitely made this outfit more girly, it's still quite different for me. But, I absolutely love it! I'm usually not a big shorts person, but pairing shorts with a cute top and matching heels.. that I can do! Plus, it's the end of Summer, and I'm down to my last days of wearing shorts and gingham, so I knew I had to get this look in soon, if I wanted to be able to wear it. I honestly can't believe it's the end of August. Football Season starts for our alma mater this weekend! (That would be Clemson University! Go Tigers!) I am so excited! I love love football season, and I start looking forward to it in like May, ever year. 

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So, guys, the school year starting has definitely made blogging a bit more of a challenge. I'm honestly not sure how we're going to fit in everything I have to do to keep blogging, but I'm going to definitely try! This community makes me so happy, and I so enjoy getting to be a part of it. If you notice that my posts go up a little later than they previously did, that's what's going on. There's less time for blogging in my days, right now. But that's totally alright. Life is full of hills and valleys... it's ever-changing, and that's a good thing. 
Thank you so much for stopping by, today, and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Pink Lace Dress Series

Since I seem to buy every pink lace dress I see, I should probably just call it a series for the blog. Here's my new addition to my pink lace dress collection! I already can't wait to style this dress in the Fall. I have so many cute ideas for how to wear it with coats and jackets! But for now, here it is in all its glory for a fun Summer look! I love pairing it with all pink accents to create the ultimate feminine look (as though this dress isn't feminine enough on it own!). Pairing it with the pink accessories just gives it that extra punch. 

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Okay you guys, we're well into the first week of school for my baby girl. She's really seeming to enjoy it, and for that I'm so grateful! We're starting to adjust to the new schedule, and I'll be honest, I can get a lot done while she's in school, and I only have one toddler to keep up with. I've been working SO hard on their little toddler rooms and I'm so so proud of everything I've done so far. I definitely want to show these to you on the blog once I'm finished, but it might be a while. I'm having so much fun, and I want them to be absolutely perfect when I share. I don't claim to be an interior designer, and I don't have the biggest budget in the world, but I'm pleased with what I've come up with, within our budget and my abilities. Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic Thursday!


Spottie Dottie

I'm getting a late start to my post today. Lorelai started her first day of K3 this morning, and I'll be honest with you guys, I didn't blog at all over the weekend. Just prepped for school and played with my babies. I've been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster this morning, quintessential new-preschool-Mom style. But, Lorelai did great... She couldn't be more excited to start school. She posed with her bookbag for some pictures, and held her Daddy's hand as she proudly walked into school, then hugged her teacher once she got in. haha! They're going to have a great time, and I'm so excited for my baby girl. 

Just wanted to share this little spotty look, today! I realize the skirt and top don't exactly match, but thought that was kind of a fun detail. They weren't bought together, or anything, but I couldn't resist pairing them together. I hope you're having a wonderful Monday, and if anyone else's kid is just starting preschool, today, know that I'm here tearing up with you. We can do this! 
Thanks for reading!


Bow-Detail Romper (My First Romper)

As promised, guys, here I am in my first romper! And, like my sister kept telling me I would, I do love it! When the romper trend was at its peak, I was pregnant/nursing for most of that time, so they haven't been very practical for me, but now that I'm done with those things, I thought it was high time I jumped on the romper train, at least a few times! haha I've already found other bow-detail rompers that I'm super interested in. I will say, though, that getting this thing off isn't exactly fast, or easy, so if you have to pee in a hurry... not the best option. Other than that, I love that it's just an easy, one piece outfit that looks put together, without requiring much effort at all. And, I wasn't expecting to like how it made my butt and legs look, but they really seem to accentuate the good things about your figure, somehow.

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So, now that the downstairs of our house is looking so much better, I've been starting to focus on the upstairs. That means, our master bedroom and the kids rooms. I never really transitioned Lorelai's room into a toddler room, so I'm going to take this opportunity to create both their toddler rooms. I've seen it called a "toddler room refresh" on pinterest, and I like that idea. I won't be completely redoing their rooms, as they're pretty much decorated how I want them, but just outfitting them with new bedding, and updating a few things here and there, plus just cleaning up everything, of course. I'm super excited about it! I hope you're having a great week, and thank you so much for reading!


A Matching Set

I avoided the matching set trend for a long time... is it my age? I dunno... it seemed a little juvenile, at first. Maybe, because I don't even buy matching sets for my three year old. haha But, with my recent decision to say "oh well, I'm wearing what I want!", I decided to order this cute little crop top and matching skirt set. I sized up, in this set, as I was kind of between sizes, and I kind of regret that decision. The skirt is a tad too big. I'd like if it would sit up, above my belly button, I think. But that's okay! It's not a total wash, and I think it's still cute (and super comfortable!).

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How are you feeling about the matching sets? I'm super glad I've tried a few at this point, but I don't think they'll be the cornerstone of my wardrobe. One of my next trendy adventures is going to be the romper. My sister wears rompers constantly, and it's always been something I was unsure of, but since we're taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones, I thought it was time to try one. It's super cute, and I can't wait to see how the look turns out. I just adore fashion blogging for pushing me to try new things. I'd never be wearing matching sets or rompers, if it weren't for this community and the confidence that blogging can provide. You guys are the best, and I sincerely appreciate every single comment here, or like or comment on my instagram. This space brings me so much joy, and that is only because you're here, joining in on the conversation and creating content of your own that inspires others. So, Thank you Thank you! I hope you have the best Moday! 


That One-Shoulder Ruffle Life

Okay, so I'm obviously a fan of off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops, but what I'm an even bigger fan of is comfort. This top is one of the few that I own that really blends beauty and comfort perfectly. Not only is the ruffle gorgeous and the color unique, but I can chase my kids around in it, too. Win, win. And, in case you were wondering, I rarely chase my kids around in heels this high (though I do wear wedges and shorter heels sometimes). But, yes, my tallest heels are usually left for special occasions or maybe, sometimes, at church.

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My daughter is starting to show interest in my clothes and jewelry and I couldn't be more excited to see her own little fashion sense develop. (Sorry Ross! This might be expensive... haha!) When I got these earrings out, and she was seeing them for the first time, she did this cute little gasp thing she does when she's excited, followed by, "wooow!" While these earrings might not be quite "wow" worthy (they're only cheap sugarfix earrings), it still definitely excites me to think about buying her little handbags and her first pair of low block heels, and doing her makeup someday (far in the future, but still!) I've always wanted those things, and I'm so glad I have a daughter now, and can't wait to live those experiences with her. It's really awesome having one of each, a daughter and a son, as I know I'll have very different experiences with each of them, as they get older.
Just daydreaming over here... Thanks for dreaming along with me! I hope you have the best Thursday, and a wonderful weekend!


Doing the Most

My sister says this phrase, which I'm sure is not unique to her, all the time, when she means she's being over the top... She calls it "doing the most", and I find it hilarious and totally accurate for describing me and my sister, most times. While Lauren and I aren't always being "extra" (she works as a nurse, and I am a Mom of two toddlers - it's just not always practical to be over the top), we're usually wishing we were overdressed and over-styled. It's just who we are and what we like. haha So, when I put on these earrings the other day, I told my husband I was "doing the most". He definitely agreed, as these earrings are the most ridiculously large earrings in real life. They don't look quite as huge on camera, but trust me. What have you come to expect from me, if not the biggest earrings in the world, and a giant bow, too? (And, I feel I should mention... in case you're interested in these earrings, they're actually very lightweight... Like incredibly lightweight for their size. I have earrings a quarter of their size that are much heavier. So, that might be nice to know, before buying.)

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Did you have a fun weekend? We certainly did, and I'm not quite sure where the time went, to be honest. The weekends seem to go by faster and faster, these days. We've been taking the kids to the park more recently (it hasn't been quite as hot lately), and they are loving that. Both of them are absolutely obsessed with the swings and the slides, and they're basically in toddler heaven. I just love doing simple things like that with my kids, and viewing it all over again through their eyes. The best. We also celebrated my grandmother's birthday this weekend, so Happy Birthday, Nana! It was a great time spent with lots of family. I hope you have a wonderful and productive Monday! Thanks so much for reading!


Pink and Gingham + My Secrets Of Buying Well At Shein

Rach from rd's obsessions recently wrote a post all about her tips for shopping at Shein, and I thought that was a brilliant idea, as I frequently make large purchases from, and as some of you may know, it can be a hit or miss type of situation. In case you haven't heard of Shein, they're an online shop where you can buy trendy clothes for cheap. They have LOTS of inventory, and I'm certain I've never seen half of what they offer. But, I have ordered from Shein a number of times (this gingham top is from Shein, in fact), and most times, I'm pleased with my order, because I like to think of myself as a "smart" Shein shopper. 

So, how can you make purchasing from Shein a little more hit and less miss? 

1. Don't buy it if it seems too cheap to be true. As a general rule, I've found that if I purchase a top that costs around $20, it's reasonably made and not overwhelmingly flimsy or thin. However, if something costs, say, $9, it's way less likely to be something I'd actually ever wear (too cheaply made, too thin, not quality material). This top was $13 when I ordered it, and it's almost too thin.

2. Do read the reviews. And, if there are pictures with the reviews, even better! Shein gives you points toward your next purchase to review their items, and they give more points for a review with a picture. This means that there are lots of items with many reviews, and also pictures with the review. You can see how the piece looks on a body that isn't a model, and you can get lots of sizing information from reading reviews. 

4. Do check the material. In the description of each item on Shein's site, they list the material that item is made from. Lots are 100% polyester, but occasionally, something will be made from a cotton blend or 100% cotton. These are usually hits for me, because cotton is a better fabric than polyester. Since you can't hold the item in your hands before purchasing it, this takes a little of the guess work out of what you're going to get.

5. Do check the size chart against your own measurements. This is a good idea with anything you're ordering online. You won't always be the same size in everything across the board. So, get out your measuring tape, measure yourself, and then compare those measurements to the size chart. I'm usually a size small, but at Shein, there are times when my measurements fit the measurements for a medium, or an XS (like with this top, actually), and that's the size I go with. Their size charts are usually pretty accurate, in my experience.

6. Stick with trendy pieces. I wouldn't expect to buy my classic go-to pieces from Shein. Trendy tops, sure! A cute little handbag (like this one) that you might wear once or twice.. why not? But, I wouldn't look to Shein for my "go-to, wear everyday" pencil skirt, or my classic Fall trench coat, or staple handbag. Invest real money in your classic, long-term closet staples, then spend a little money at Shein from time to time to have fun joining in on the trends that fade away each season. 

Those are my personal tips for shopping well at Shein. It can be a great, affordable place to shop if you choose the right pieces. I hope you feel a bit more confident ordering from them, now, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
Thanks for reading!