Fall Fashion Finds and My Take on this New Influencer Landscape

The title of "influencer" on social media can take so many shapes, and it's actually kind of hard to narrow down a definition for the term. It definitely covers a variety of subjects, or niches, so it's kind of a catch-all term that encompasses lots more than just fashion bloggers (where I would consider my niche to be). While I'm considered by a few people to be an influencer, I have mixed feelings about the term. On one hand, I'm totally flattered that some people trust me to guide them in the direction of what they should shop for, and I honestly try to showcase good quality and affordable pieces on my blog, and also to share my honest opinions of the items I purchase and the stores that I buy from. On the other hand, the term "influencer" seems to carry with it a lot of responsibility, and I would never want anyone to think that they need to purchase something I'm sharing, or to make someone feel inferior just because of some purchases I've made, or some perfectly lit pictures that I took on the weekend, when I had a few moments to actually get ready. 

The truth is, I'm usually running around SO tired with very little makeup on, wearing Mom-jeans and a t-shirt. My life isn't the perfectly lit pictures that I try to capture for my blog and instagram (even those aren't always looking as good as I'd want them to! haha). My kids are usually wrecking my house, and my life is rarely as put-together as it may seem on social media. I think it's important to share these aspects of our lives, though. There's a reason that I don't do "insta-stories" very often, and that's because I feel like I don't have much to capture in the day-to-day, which often consist of driving Lorelai to and from school, playing with my kids, running errands, typing out blog posts, struggling with nap-times, cleaning up toys, and maybe cooking dinner, before I put the kids to bed and just collapse for the day. (I know some Moms just share their days of them doing those things, but I dunno... I just feel like most people would rather not come along for our ride. haha!) 

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What is the point of all this influencer and social media talk today? I guess my point is that no one is perfect, and to encourage you not to let peoples' instagrams make you feel inadequate, for any reason. Always remember that they're showcasing their best self for social media, and we're all just trying to create beautiful content to inspire each other. I know that beautiful content is what I want to see. It inspires us all, and makes us happy. We just have to be careful to reflect well, be introspective, and realize if something is no longer inspiring us, but creating feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. I hope you take the time to do that, and please let me know if I can do anything to help foster those feelings. I'd love to talk! Thank you so much for reading, today, and I hope you have a lovely Thursday! 


Family Apple Picking + Celebrating One Year of Blogging

Happy Fall everyone!! We went apple picking yesterday, and it was the most fun apple picking trip ever. Watching the kids run around and play, pet the animals, (and be forced to take a picture at each spot, by me! haha) was so adorable, and I'm super excited for everything we'll do this holiday season with them! They're seriously at the MOST fun ages, and I know each Fall and Christmas season for the next few years will feel like "the best one ever!". We're gonna make it all so fun! 

Tomorrow is my 1 year blogging anniversary, on! I just realized this a few days ago, and I'm so proud of myself for sticking with this little site for a whole year. I've posted every week for that entire year, I've worked so hard at maintaining a blog, and to keep improving my content and my site along the way, and I feel accomplished and proud of what I've created. As many of you guys know, it's no easy task, maintaining a blog (and an instagram account on top of it!). But, this has been so rewarding and fulfilling to me. I'm not here for money or to be famous; I just wanted to feel like I was a part of something again, and Wow, do I! You guys are so sweet and so welcoming, and I'm so grateful that you care to come look at my outfits and read my words. A heartfelt thank you, today, and always for reading my blog. It means the world to me! Have a wonderful Monday!


Burgundy and Pink

Since I promised Fall outfits, I'm trying so hard to stick to that, even though it's still in the 90's here. You'll likely see a lot of  Fall colors, skirts, and sleeveless dresses as I work in my Fall transition looks. I'm doing my best, without melting in the process! (And, trust me, you don't want to see that! haha) If it could be just be a tiny bit cooler, though, now that it's actually September, that'd be great! Since it is September, though, I've been starting to think about our Halloween costumes, and I'm getting excited for the upcoming holidays! I decorated my mantle for Fall (I shared on my stories, if you check those on Instagram), and I'll be putting up my Fall wreath soon. Every year, I feel like I'm waiting and waiting for Fall, but this year, it actually seems like it came in time for me? I won't complain. It's my favorite, by far!

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Every year, we go apple picking as a family. We've usually gone by now, but we're waiting until my sister can join us, so we might go a little later than usual this year. If we can snap a few cute pictures, I'll totally share those here! But, as usual, since we're depending on two toddlers, I make no promises! But, pictures, or no pictures, it's usually such a fun time, and I can't wait to see the kids picking their first apples of the season with the pretty mountain backdrop! Apple picking has been a family tradition for my family since I was a toddler, and it's super fun to keep up the tradition with my kids. I can't wait to start all these Fall activities, like apple picking, visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and decorating for Fall. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have the best Monday! 


Enchanted Woodland Mommy-Daughter Photos (Let's pretend to be fairies)

Lorelai was so sweet to wear her little floral crown with me and take some Mommy and Me pictures, on Saturday. Honestly, I think she really did enjoy these pictures, and having her Momma all to herself for an hour or so. We got ready together, I curled her hair for the first time, and she wore a little bit of organic shiny lip-gloss (inset heart-eye emoji). Then we ran around in the woods (not really by my choice, more chasing after her), and captured a few of those sweet moments on camera, thanks to my darling sister. (Lauren seriously, none of my pictures would exist without you! Thank you!)

I haven't done "Mommy-Daughter" photos with Lorelai since she was a baby, and I'm so glad I decided to take these, this weekend. For one, she won't fit in this adorable green dress much longer (it's a tad short, already!) hahaha. But also, I can see her changing from toddler to little girl, and I really wanted to capture a few more toddler moments with her, while she's still little enough to be picked up! I'll cherish these forever! 
Thank you guys so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have a lovely Thursday and a fun weekend! 


Tweed Dress (Fall Transition in South Carolina)

I love the look of a cute little tweed dress with over the knee boots. As the weather cools down, I'll be pairing this dress with a white button up or black turtle neck, but for now, this is the best I could do in the South Carolina heat. I do have my boots on for you guys! haha Also, these photos were taken after taking photos with my daughter, which actually means, after chasing a three year old around in a field for an hour. So, my hair is a little bit frizzy. Oops. But, I had so much fun taking pictures with Lorelai over the weekend. I hope to include her in more blog pictures, as she gets older and wants to incorporate her own style, more and more. (And, the photos we took this weekend will be up on Thursday, so check back for those! I love them so much!)

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I also took my sister-in-law's maternity photos over the weekend, and that was fun! I got to be creative and get behind the camera, and I think we got some lovely photos. She's actually going in to hopefully be induced to have her baby, today, so keep her in your thoughts! We're hoping for an easy, safe delivery, and a perfect little baby girl. I can't wait to snuggle on a little newborn again, once she gets here! In a way, it feels like I just had Luke, but he's almost 19 months old, and I know from experience, that newborns just seem so tiny compared to toddlers. We have so much life happening all around us! Our good friends, Sean and Candace (you've seen Candace on the blog a few times) are also pregnant, and Candace is almost 20 weeks! It's crazy to think she's almost halfway through her pregnancy, after struggling with infertility for years. Yay for science and for new life! I hope you're having a wonderful Monday, and thank you so much for reading!


Blue Belle (white after Labor Day to break the rules)

I love this little bag so much! The size, shape, and color are all so fun and darling. Add a top with bows on the sleeves to the mix, and you know I'm just so excited about this outfit! I know everyone knows this, but we're in this weird transition stage where it's actually still Summer, and it definitely feels like Summer, but we're supposed to be wearing and shopping for Fall things. Granted, I did wear this outfit several weeks ago (almost a month ago, actually), but I could totally still wear it, today. It's really very hot here, in South Carolina, still... and likely will be for some time. But, in the name of Fashion Blogging and all things holy (not really on that one), I'm going to start photographing some of my Fall transition outfits soon! I'm excited about it, even though I probably won't get to actually wear those things for a little while. I did, however, start pulling out the Fall Decor, because it's September, and I do LOVE Fall! The Fall and Winter weather is very mild here, so I really enjoy dressing for them, and wearing cute coats and scarves, but not being absolutely frigid cold.

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We've had quite the week here at our house! So much is going on, and I'm so exhausted, but so full of energy at the same time! I'm just excited for all that we have in the works, and all that we're doing (both to make our house feel fresh and new again, and to make our lives run smoother). I've been putting a lot more energy into those things and Lorelai's school, lately, so I hope you guys forgive me for being a little more sparse around the keyboard. (Also, thank you guys for allowing me to share my daughter's room with you, on Monday, and for your kind words about her little space. You all are so kind, and I really appreciated your sweet and thoughtful words about all the hard work I put into her room. I know that was a little off-topic for a fashion blog, but I really wanted to share that with you!) You have my fashion focus again now, though! I'm also excited about some new content I have for you guys, and the fun outfits I have to style for Fall! I seriously can't wait to share some of these! I hope you're having a great week, and have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading!


Lorelai's Toddler Room Reveal

If you read my posts, then you know that I've been working on my kids' toddler rooms for the past few weeks. Luke's room still technically has his crib, but I'm still counting it as a toddler room update. He'll have a "big boy bed" soon enough, and all the decor will be ready for when he does. I'll share Luke's room progress soon, but today, I wanted to share Lorelai's ultra feminine and whimsical bedroom! I honestly can't believe how much I love this room. It's my favorite in the house. Of course, I love Luke's room too, but let's face it, Lorelai's is just so feminine and beautiful, and well, I'm a girl. haha Since I (of course) share our master bedroom with my husband, and I don't get to make everything pink and girly, I definitely unleashed all that energy onto Lorelai's room. It was so much fun! I did a lot of shopping while she was in school, so she honestly had no idea what was coming. It was really special to bring her into her room and see the surprise on her face when she saw her bed and the canopy and all the beautiful little touches I added without her knowing.

I'll link to everything that I can (that I didn't make), but I did make a lot of the decor. I made the giant paper flowers (I'm so proud of how those turned out!), I made (painted and glued together) most of the gallery wall (that was actually the same in her nursery, I didn't change that), I made the pom-poms above the bed, and I made the tassel garland. The angel wings are just angel wings from a costume that Lorelai wore for Halloween a few years ago. I'll link to some very similar items to all of her decor, so you can make your own whimsical bedroom. I hope you're having a wonderful Monday, and thank you so much for reading!

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