Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my loves! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to ring in 2019 with you guys! I'm so ready for this year - a fresh start with no pregnancy and no breastfeeding, and hopefully more sleep, as I've mentioned before. haha I'm beyond ready to start 2019 with a bang - I have health goals and resolutions to stick to, and I haven't been this excited for a New Year in a long time! The holidays were fun, and they were filled with too many snacks and drinks, and I'm here for the clean eating and shaping up that January usually brings us all! Side Note: I  had so much fun shooting this pictures with my sister. We love doing "themed" shoots, and I usually don't do them too often (since I'm usually more focused on the outfit), so it was fun to have a few props, and throw glitter around everywhere! 

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I got these heels for Christmas. I'll try to link the exact ones soon, but they're a pretty cute dupe for Rockstuds, and I'm pretty excited about them! Such a cute (slightly elevated) option for basically anytime you need a nude heel. And, to be honest, I borrowed this dress from my sister. It's super fun, and maybe one day I'll be able to find it in a light pink or rose gold version of it! That'd be perfect (and match my aesthetic! haha)
I hope you guys have a lovely time ringing in the New Year, whatever you're up to! Thanks so much for reading!


Floral Crochet Lace Dress

I love the elegance of a nude, lace dress. I've always been drawn to this classic and sophisticated style of dress. This one, from Chicwish, reminds me of something the Duchess Kate would wear, don't you think? (Side note: I usually always still call her Kate Middleton. It just seems a little more natural to say that, you know?) I was thinking of getting a cute little fascinator or head-piece to match this dress for the times when me and my toddlers watch horse races or host the Queen (totally joking! haha). But that would be very Kate Middleton, for sure. I have to say, while this dress isn't quite knee-length (therefore, being long enough to host the Queen), I really do like the length of this one. It's short enough to feel youthful, but long enough to feel appropriate. And the fit is really good too. Fitted enough to show your figure, without being too tight. This one will be a go-to for years to come, I'm sure!

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So, now that the hustle of the Christmas season is over, I'm thinking about the New Year ahead, and my goals for our family and for myself. Ross and I have been eating cleaner and working out more already, so I'm excited to have a jump-start on my fitness goals for 2019. I plan to up my workouts even more, and continue to eat clean (which will be so much easier once all the Christmas chocolate and cookies are out of the house!). I recently got some new workout clothes, so I'm ready to put those to use and see what I can achieve now that the kids (mostly) sleep through the night. It's amazing how much more motivated I feel once I've gotten enough sleep! I plan to make 2019 one of the healthiest years of my life, and never look back. Here's to goals and achieving them! 
Thank you guys so much for being here, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Christmas Time is Here!

How adorable is this little Christmas look? I don't plan to have a blog post on Christmas eve, so this is my chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I'm keeping Lorelai home from school tomorrow, and I just have one client in the afternoon (which is actually fun for me anyway), and then we all have a week off! I seriously can't wait! The kids have been little angels sent straight from heaven, lately. (Seriously, I don't know how or why they've been so good for me, the past few weeks, but I'm not going to question it!) So, I'm so pumped about what that means for our little break from work and school. Hopefully lots of rest, Christmas movies, and staying in our Christmas jammies all day, a few times! But, there's also the craziness of visiting with families, traveling all around, and trying to fit tons of events into a few days over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, we'll need those rest days to recoup!

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This weekend, we already have a few Christmas plans, and I can't wait for them! If you have kids, you know how fun dressing them up for things like this can be. If you don't yet have kids, let me just tell you that it's like double the fun of choosing what you're going to wear. I get to choose and coordinate 4 outfits for every event, and it's kind of my favorite thing ever. I heard a Youtuber once say that getting ready for the event is the most fun part of the event, and I've gotta say, I totally agree with her on that! Buying all our coordinating outfits and getting us all dressed and looking adorable is kind of my favorite thing in the world. My husband probably couldn't agree with me less, as I think it's his very least favorite thing. hahaha But, I can't help it! Making my family look cute is just so rewarding. So, here's to hoping we get a few cute pictures, maybe around the Christmas tree, in our jammies, in our cute outfits, at different points during the week, and if we do, I'll be sure to share some with you guys! Have a wonderful Thursday, loves! Merry Christmas!


Red and Green

I couldn't wait to photograph this beautiful red and green outfit for Christmas! I just love the way it came together with the bow crop top and the green skirt... too adorably festive! This green skirt from Chicwish totally gives me "Christmas Vacation" vibes! Anyone else? I think about Ellen Griswold every time I see it. haha And, I kind of love that! That movie just screams Christmas-time, to me. Plus, I loved putting my own twist on a skirt that now seems like a classic, and making it a bit more modern and cutesy! My favorite way to do things! haha

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You guys! I'm seriously so stoked for Christmas this year! We just finished building a gingerbread house as a family, and it has me so in the spirit, right now! I mean, I'm not special... it is the week before Christmas, but I haven't been this excited for it since I was a kid! My kids are just at such fun ages, right now, and I know the whole experience is just going to be twice as good, watching them enjoy themselves with all the cookies and candy and toys a kid could ever wish for! I bought them matching Christmas pajamas, which I plan to get monogrammed this week, and I just can't wait to make each little experience so magical and special for them! Looking forward to baking cookies for Santa, drinking hot cocoa, dressing them in their matching jammies, and then in their adorable little Christmas outfits. Oh my gosh. So many fun times ahead. I'll be sure to share pictures where my kids are a complete blur, but maybe you can see their cute outfits in them! hahaha I hope you guys are ready for Christmas, and having a great, stress-free week, leading up to it! Thanks for reading!


Red Beret + Tweed Dress

I absolutely adore wearing this outfit. It feels as cute as it looks, with the over-the-knee boots and little slight flair at the bottom of the dress. So feminine and fun... which are my top priorities in an outfit, as you know! The red beret is like the icing on the cake! How do you guys feel about the beret trend? I'm obviously on board. I have too many berets, at this point, and I don't anticipate I'll stop buying them anytime soon! I love how they can elevate a simple outfit, like this one. Don't you just love when an outfit is simple, yet perfect at the same time? Fussy outfits definitely have their place, and I'm not one to choose comfort over cute, but I can appreciate the simplicity of an outfit, as well.

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We're moving right on through December, you guys. This weekend, I'm going to a baby shower for my friend, Candace. Candace has been in pictures with me, on the blog before, and I've talked about our friendship and her struggle with infertility in the past. Well, she's 6 weeks from delivering her baby girl! She's so excited, and we all can't wait to meet her sweet little baby! This has been such a surreal and exciting experience, almost as much as my pregnancies were, and I can't wait to attend her baby shower this weekend and celebrate them both. Baby showers are the best, aren't they? I hope you guys have fun plans for the weekend, and thank you so much for being here!


Season's First Snowfall

I had another post planned for today, and I had to switch directions and share some pictures from our snow day, yesterday! I don't always share family pictures here, because this is a place for outfits! haha But I thought mine and Lorelai's outfits were pretty cute, especially having thrown them together to play in the snow for half an hour. (How cute are her little bow hat and her coat! You can shop her exact coat here. And her bow hat here.) I've talked about this a bit before, but Lorelai absolutely loves getting ready with me. So, yesterday, we took a little time to curl her hair and choose a cute little outfit so that we could snap these sweet pictures, and she really enjoyed herself. They also both loved playing in snow and ice. Luke really loved it, even though his face just looks confused in most of these pictures. He did not want to come inside, but his little hands were frozen (because he wouldn't even dream of wearing the mittens I had for him, of course!). We enjoyed our little snow day, and today, school was cancelled, so we're going to have another day to relax and enjoy the pretty snow outside. 

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I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. I know a lot of this area got snow and ice, but whatever your weather, I hope you had fun with your family and friends. And, I hope you have power if you got a lot of ice! We're lucky to still have power right now, so I'm hoping we're in the clear. We have so many plans for the holidays, starting this weekend, and I'm excited to start some of the hectic holiday madness! I used to get stressed out over it all, but lately, I've felt like embracing it, so we'll see if I can let that zen calm me throughout the next few weeks! I can't believe we're upon the busy side of December. Let's do this! Thanks for reading, you guys, and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!