Eyelet, Tie-Front Dress


When it comes to easy, Summer dresses, you know this blog is the place to go! I've been loving these types of easy looks, lately, and just how put-together they look, but how effortless they really are! And, of course, as you know, I'm living for eyelet lately, so this mauve little eyelet dress really drew me in. I'm also obsessing over the tie-front detail of this dress, which just gives it so much character, I think. Plus the detail on the hemline, and the weight of this dress are both just perfect. Chicwish also has this dress in a gorgeous blue and a white. Seriously, pink, blue, and white are all of my very favorites for Summertime.... Maybe I need all three?? haha! 

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We have a LOT going on this week, you guys. I'd rather not go into it all, here, but just say a special prayer for me, if you do that sort of thing, and keep me in your thoughts, otherwise! I'm excited and nervous about the upcoming days. I'm planning to stick to a blog schedule through all the craziness, but please excuse me if I miss a day. I'll be catching up as soon as I can! I never want to miss a day with you guys... This is literally my happy place, and I'm forever grateful for you all and the passion and heart we share, here. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

Tiered, Eyelet Dress


This white eyelet dress is so beautiful and exactly what I want to be wearing, in this Summer heat. It's comfy, and cool, lightweight, but not see-through, and so dreamy, intricate, and beautiful. The details on this dress are what drew me in. When I first saw the neckline, I knew I'd need it. And, when it arrived, I was surprised by just how comfortable it is! Chicwish is always such a pleasant surprise, in that way. You guys know I love a good pair of heels, but you could easily pair this dress with a lower block-heel sandal, or even just a nice pair of flat strappy sandals, to dress it down a bit. The fabric is 100% cotton, so I feel like, even though the details look all fancy, that means you can still kind of dress it down, some, if you'd like.


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I've mentioned several times that I'm obsessed with eyelet right now, but guys, the obsession is running deep. It's like the only thing I'm wearing right now, so just brace yourself! haha I had an obsession with lace a few years ago, and I'm noticing that my purchases often go through ebbs and flows like that, and I'm quite one-track minded sometimes. It's okay with me, though, since lace and eyelet can create some really beautiful pieces. I hope you guys are having the most wonderful Monday! Thanks for reading, guys!

My Favorite Summer Color Combination | Blue + White


I shared this look on Instagram recently, as part of a collab with three other wonderful bloggers I love. We all styled our white denim in different ways, and it was funny because without discussing it, three of the four of us styled our white denim with blue and white tops! What can we say? Great minds think alike, and also it's a perfect Summer combination! I just love it. Another thing I love? This ruffle top! I styled it last Spring (you can see that post here - I kind of stood up the ruffles there, and it looks a little different, but it's the same top!), and I couldn't wait to style it again this year, with my white denim. I really love pieces that make such a statement, but can also be styled in completely different ways. I'm excited to restyle a lot of pieces in my closet, soon, and as I do, I'll link back to the original post or posts where I styled them before, so you can see lots of styling ideas, should you consider buying something similar.

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 Well, guys, we are officially on Summer Break time, over here! It's pretty nice already, and I'm really looking forward to having a lot of fun with my family, this Summer! We have a lot planned for the upcoming few weeks, but I'm really excited for it all. And, I have a bunch of fun collabs coming up for the blog! It's really gonna be a great Summer, overall. I can't wait to share all that we'll do and wear with you guys! haha Thanks for being here, you guys! Enjoy your Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!

Scalloped Dress + Bow Heels


It's no secret that I LOVE a feminine look, and this cute little ensemble is definitely no exception. From the scalloped details, to the pink bows on my toes, this look just screams "girly", in the best way. And, both the dress and the heels here are both from Dressbarn! They have some really cute pieces, right now, and I'm absolutely loving both of these. They're definitely good quality, and I'm excited to get a lot of use out of them both, especially since these heels are low enough to run around after my kids in, but also still super cute! The best of both worlds!


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I hope you guys are having a great Monday! It's the last Monday before Summer break for my daughter, and we're getting so excited! I hope they sleep in past 6:30 a few days this Summer! haha (It's not likely, but a Momma can dream! Keep hope alive, everyone!) Now that we're almost in the full Summer swing of things, I'm looking for a few shows to get addicted to, so if you guys have any recommendations, I'd love to hear! Thanks guys, and have a great day! 

Dalmatian Print Skirt + Fun Statement Earrings


I poked a little fun at myself the other day on instagram, for wearing black with this outfit. I do, in fact, rarely wear black on the blog (it just doesn't photograph well, in my opinion), but this beautiful spotted skirt from Chicwish just needed to be paired with black, I think, don't you? I'm definitely loving ruffles and asymmetric hemlines in my skirts and dresses, at the moment, and I'm totally sold on this one! Plus, this off-the-shoulder top is one of my favorites, in any case. I really love this over-all look... so many fun ruffles and details, and these earrings are so bold and make just as big a statement as any piece in the outfit.

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I hope you guys are having a lovely week! We've been super busy, but it's been fun. I have so many things on my calendar in the next few weeks, it's kind of making me crazy, but after that, we have Summer break for Lorelai and I'm hoping things can slow down a bit. And, tomorrow, Ross and I celebrate our 10-year anniversary! I looked up what the 10-year anniversary meant (like gold/silver), and apparently it's aluminum, or tin. hahaha That didn't exactly sound glamorous. Hopefully, Ross has more planned than some aluminum foil! Although, I'd be just as happy either way! I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for being here!

The Romantic Dress of My Dreams


Aaaahhh, this dress! It's seriously one of my favorites! I got it in burgundy last Winter (you can see that post here - also SO cute!), and I knew I was going to need it in white for this Spring! It's seriously so good- the lace is so pretty and all the details are just divine. It's short enough to be sexy, but has that high neckline and long sleeves to keep everything still looking sophisticated. It's seriously perfect, and I think I need Chicwish to make it in pink and blue, too! haha For now, at least I can pair my white one with blue or pink accessories, which is also so fun!

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This weekend was so so fun, you guys. Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorites! There's always a fair in our town, and it's literally minutes away from our house. So, we went to that for the first time in a few years (it was Luke's first fair!), and it was way too much fun to watch the kids eyes light up when they saw the fair ground and all the fun rides. I loved putting them on a few of the little toddler rides and seeing their huge smiles when they started going. You really can't get a feeling like that anywhere else. We also had a little cookout with friends over the weekend, which was the best, spending time with them and seeing my friend's little baby. (Lorelai loves babies right now, so that was probably the highlight of her weekend, even above the carnival rides. haha) Now, we just have a few more short weeks of school for Lorelai before Summer break starts and we get to have even more fun-filled weekends. I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you for being here, you guys!! Seriously, you are the best blog community ever, and I love it! Have a wonderful day!

The Best Eyelet Pieces for Spring


Today, along with this adorable little skirt (I've been looking for a good one like this for over a year!), I also wanted to share some of my other current favorite eyelet pieces for Spring. I'm dying over eyelet right now... as well as blue and white, you'll notice that trend, too! haha So, these are some of my current crushes, and I have a pretty good feeling you'll be seeing some (if not all) of them featured on the blog soon! Like I said, I've been looking for a good skirt like this for a very long time, and this little cutie from Chicwish has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe. With this look, I decided to do a little double peplum action, but I can see it with so many of my cute little off the shoulder or ruffle tops, this season.

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Okay guys, I know everyone has already weighed in on the Game of Thrones finale, but what were your thoughts? I'm honestly so sad it's over, that feeling is overshadowing anything I could think about how the end was written. (Spoiler warning!) I was definitely a little sad that Jon Snow didn't take the throne, and to be honest, I don't think Bran really deserves it, but that's just me. I have a ton of thoughts on the whole ending, the main point being that it was really obvious that the timeline was sped up to allow for a shorter series altogether, and that was more than a little frustrating to me. All in all, it was a terrific series, and I'm glad it exists in the world, but still very sad to see it end. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! Ours has been so full, and I'm proud of all I accomplished this week! Enjoy your day, and have a fun weekend!

Floral Dresses and Sunshine


If you're looking for the prettiest print and the most comfortable and classic dress for this Spring and Summer, then look no further. This dress meets and surpasses all those requirements, and I'm just loving these pretty florals! Of course, I had to bring my own bouquet of flowers to the party, for these photos. I don't always walk around holding a floral arrangement... haha! But, I definitely thought this dress deserved the best floral treatment I could come up with, and since there aren't many flowers in bloom here, anymore, that means, I had to create my own floral magic. I loved pairing it with my pink acrylic arc bag (what better use, right?), and these cute little Valentino dupe heels that I found on Amazon. Seriously the cutest little combo!

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Did you guys have a nice weekend? Ours was quite and relaxing, which is just what I needed! On Friday, we shot lots of blog content, which is seriously my favorite day! My sister comes out to shoot the looks, and my Mom watches my kids. The kids have so so much fun, playing endlessly with my mom (who always ends up buying them a ton of new toys to play with while we shoot.) And, it always makes me feel so good to know that while I'm working on something that I really value, my kids are also having a great time and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Saturday and Sunday were very relaxing, and for once, I kind of feel I'm ready for the week ahead! I hope you have a really great Monday, and thank you so so much for being here!!
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