How to Stay Motivated to Produce Your Best Work

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Sometimes, we find ourselves lacking motivation, even to do the things we love. I've been there recently, and I wanted to share some of the things that have helped me to regain a little motivation again. I don't claim to be an expert in this area. My motivation for different things comes and goes during different seasons of my life, but I have found these tips to be helpful, recently.

1. Define your goals and be specific. To be truly motivated to do anything, I believe you need to have specific goals in mind. Why are you doing what you're doing? What are you trying to achieve? Without this purpose, you will find you constantly get side-tracked and lose motivation. With specific goals in mind that you can check-off along the way, you'll feel more in control and overall more motivated about your work.

2. Create a plan to achieve those goals. A goal is only a dream, until you create a plan and put that plan in place to achieve it. Once you've developed a plan of action, you'll know what each day needs to hold, in order to achieve your goals, whether small or overarching. Speaking of what each day should hold, leads to my next point.

3. Develop a routine. A good plan of action will have specific time set aside each day for accomplishing your goals. For example with blogging, I need to plan out times to write, edit photos, photograph content, and create Instagram content. When I first started, I had to develop a routine around doing these things, so that I could make sure I completed them each day.

4. Create a calming workspace. I love going to write blog content, because it's a place where I can be creative. It's the place where the ideas I've had in my mind about blogging can come to life, and I love seeing that happen. Having a special place where you can work makes a huge difference in your productivity and the outcome of your work.

5. Recognize progress and improvements and celebrate those successes. Each improvement won't be a huge milestone. Sometimes small progress and minor improvements need to be celebrated, just to keep us motivated, especially when things seem stagnant or stale. Don't be afraid to celebrate small successes and recognize when you're improving your work.

6. Develop ways to cope when you lack motivation. This one is tough for me. I'm generally a pretty motivated person, but when I lack motivation, I often don't want to look to myself to get motivated again. But, you know better than anyone what will help keep you on track. Maybe it's taking a break from your work to go for a run. Maybe it's refocusing on a different aspect of your work for a while, if there is a specific part that's frustrating you. Whatever it is, find whatever you need to do to cope with flagging motivation, and do that!

7. Have fun! Nothing sucks the joy out of something faster than believing it's not fun. If you find that you're no longer having fun with your work, find ways to make it fun. Each task won't be the most fun thing you've done all week, but if you keep the bigger picture in mind, and you truly enjoy the progress you're seeing, I believe it will continue to be fun for you, overall.

I hope that you found some of these tips to be helpful, and that you can find YOUR motivation again! Even if you're not feeling particularly unmotivated, right now, I hope these tips can help you to gain a clearer perspective on why you're doing the work you choose to do. I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and as always, thank you for reading!


Minty Fresh

I just love these heels, you guys. They're the cutest little bow-adorned pink things you ever laid eyes on, and they're such a beautiful and well-made pump, too. This outfit is pretty much me just having way too much fun in my closet, a few weeks ago (when it was still super cold! My legs were freezing! haha). It's warmed up a lot again, since then... We were at the park, in short-sleeves, yesterday! So, I'm glad I took the opportunity to snag some pictures in some of my favorite winter clothes, before I officially switched over to Spring Looks. 

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Thank you all so much for your well-wishes from my last post where I mentioned us all being sick. It was awful, but we're starting to feel a lot better. Keep Luke (and my sleep) in your thoughts, because his cough still has him feeling down, and waking Momma up all night. But, as I said, we were well enough to venture out for a walk around the neighborhood, to play at the park, and feed the ducks in the pond, yesterday afternoon. It was a really nice way to spend an unexpectedly beautiful Sunday afternoon, and it made me so happy to see my little family having fun and smiling, together in the sunshine. I'm so looking forward to this Spring, and having nice weather, and spending more time outside. Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


Peachy Pink

Did you guys ever think you'd see me in denim this distressed? I didn't either, to be honest, but I'm liking it! I kind of prefer the obviously intentional look of this distressing, and that's why I chose it, actually. Of course, I wouldn't be me, without pairing them with a LOT of pink. So, that's exactly what I did! I'm absolutely obsessed with this feather-trim sweater. This outfit gives me Spring-vibes, while still being more cold-weather appropriate (You could, of course,  pair it with booties or boots, and I have my eye on a light pink pair that would be perfect!) I love the way this outfit came together, and I'm kind of obsessed with the way it's really different for me, but also so obviously me. Does that make any sense? I hope so! haha

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You guys, my kids caught the Flu, and we are having a really rough time over here, this week. They haven't been sleeping well which, of course, means Momma also isn't sleeping well. Phew. Very rough times. Luke is actually sitting on my lap crying right now, because his throat hurts, poor kid. They're pitiful, and I'm very over this cold and Flu season! It's awful to see your kids sick, and it's even more awful when you're also sick and exhausted. Hopefully we'll recover before this weekend, so we can enjoy ourselves a little! I hope you guys are having a better week than we are, and have a lovely weekend! 


Fur-trim Cape

I now have this cape in two colors, the blush pink one, and this cream one. I love it so much... so warm and stylish! I actually got into capes so much, that my 4-year old daughter now also has four cape coats of her own, as if that's exactly what a 4-year old needs! haha But, I just find them so pretty and functional, and as I've said before, that's kind of exactly what I'm looking for when I purchase pieces for my wardrobe. Plus, I love this cream shade for the winter, and I can see myself wearing this cape for years to come, which is another qualifier for pieces, for me. I've actually really enjoyed buying less "trendy" pieces, lately, and really honing in on what I actually LOVE and what will stand the test of time. Of course, there will be trends that I love, and those will be things that I still purchase, but I've been intentional about buying things because I actually find them beautiful, and not just because I see them on other bloggers. Case in point: you don't see fur trim cape coats all too often on the gram, but I love them, so I invest in them. 

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We had such a nice warm few weeks, and now we're back to freezing again! That's alright by me, because I have these pretty fur-trim coats to wear, and fun little scarves and hats, that I still want to get use out of. But, I did shoot some Spring looks while we had warmer weather, which was also fun, and got me excited for all the upcoming Spring Fashion! The colors and textures of my Spring wardrobe are so exciting - lace, organza, and embroidered fabrics in pretty shades of pink, lilac, and baby blue. Some of the outfit combinations I have in mind are just so beautiful! I will try to share some of my recent purchases again, soon, on instagram stories. And, speaking of stories, I just got a new phone, which will hopefully make my stories a bit better quality, and my candid photos look a little nicer. I'm excited! Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a lovely Monday! 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I don't know about you, but I just love this holiday! It's an excuse to get all dressed up and go out on a date with my handsome husband, plus, I get to wear pink and red all month long and fill the blog and my instagram feed with ridiculous Valentine's outfits! haha I had way too much fun doing that this year, and I foresee a similar thing happening each holiday, from here-on. I kind of can't believe today is already Valentine's Day, and we're halfway through this month. On the plus side, that means that Spring is not far away, and I'm so beyond thrilled about that. Spring is tied with Fall for my favorite seasons (so basic, I know), but I just love all the pretty flowers that bloom and the growth and life that Spring represents. And, of course, I just love dressing for Spring, in all my lace and pastels! It's SO fun!

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Whether you're celebrating Valentine's today, or not, I hope you have the best day! Ross and I celebrated Valentine's over this past weekend, and let me just take this opportunity to say how blessed I am to have this man. He supports me in whatever I want to do, and he always wants to see me and the kids happy. Seriously the best Valentine, ever. I don't say it enough. Even though we already went out, today is still sure to be filled with chocolate candies, flowers, and balloons. We never miss an opportunity for a theme, over here! I sent Lorelai to school with little cards for her teachers and class-mates, and I'm sure she'll come home with some little Valentine's cards from all her friends. This weekend, we're celebrating Luke's birthday (and Lorelai's birthday, a little more, to be honest), and I can't wait! I'll try to share about that more on my instagram stories, like I have been this week! Enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for reading!


Galentines with the Best Girls

With Valentines this week, any good fashion blogger is definitely looking at celebrating both Galentines and Valentines with their best people! I met up with my girls Laura from Illuminate Blog, and Michelle, from Peaches to Palmettos Blog, and we had our own little celebration, this weekend, which was way too much fun! We had balloons, confetti, cookies, and cupcakes (oh, and pictures! Lots of pictures!) What more could you really want from a little Galentines get-together? I always have so much fun with these two, when we get together, and I'm already looking forward to the next time. Do you celebrate Galentines with your girlfriends? I think this might be a fun new tradition! 


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Ross and I also celebrated Valentines this weekend (pictures and instagram stories to come!), and that was also a ton of fun! I've basically been doing balloons and cookies (and a little alcohol) all weekend, and I'm not complaining! Except, that one complaint, that today is Monday. Why does it all have to end? haha. At least, Thursday is actually Valentine's Day, and we have more celebrating to do throughout the week. And, today is my daughter's birthday! So, we'll be celebrating that, too! I'm making her a Unicorn cake, and I can't wait to surprise her with her presents and cake, when she gets home from school. Seriously, this middle-of-the month week in February is our crazy-busy time of the year! It's absolutely exhausting, but way too much fun! I hope you have a lot of fun planned for this week, too! Thanks so much for reading! 



If there's one beautiful, feminine, and classic statement piece I think you should own, for Winter, it's a Winter White Coat. I've had this one for years and it's served me so well, throughout all types of events (and photoshoots! haha) And, if you're worried about getting it dirty, in my experience, they dry-clean nicely, and keep their shape through a lot of use. I almost feel like it's easier to keep clean than my black coats, believe it or not! And, even with two toddlers, I think the risk of getting it dirty is worth it, to wear something I love. 

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I mentioned this on my instagram last night, but woah, it's been really warm here in South Carolina the past week. We've had temperatures in the 70's, and we've been wearing short-sleeves and turning the air conditioning on. It's crazy to have weather like this in February. I'm definitely not wearing my cream coat and wool beret, this week! But, I also mentioned that I'm kind of hoping we get a little more cool weather before Spring officially arrives! I know that probably makes me unpopular, especially if you live somewhere super cold right now, but I've always been a fan of enjoying each Season, fully, before moving to the next. I still have coats and scarves to get a little use out of! haha Either way, though, I am excited for Spring, and I do have some adorable little lace dresses and ruffled tops to break out, soon! Just want to fully embrace each Season! I hope you guys are having a great week! Thanks so much for reading!


Pink and Red

Pink and Red Outfit for Valentine's Day, Valentine's outfit, pink and red outfit, pink and red, pink coat and red scarf, hunter boots, womens fashion, cute Valentine's outfit

Pink and Red Outfit for Valentine's Day, Valentine's outfit, pink and red outfit, pink and red, pink coat and red scarf, hunter boots, womens fashion, cute Valentine's outfit

Pink and Red Outfit for Valentine's Day, Valentine's outfit, pink and red outfit, pink and red, pink coat and red scarf, hunter boots, womens fashion, cute Valentine's outfit

At least one Valentine's Day Look, I thought, should be something you'd actually be able to wear in mid-February! (I'd add thick tights, of course, if you were going to be outside for a long time.) Don't worry - I have plenty of looks coming that wouldn't actually work for this time of year (hah!), but I did want to share the ones that actually could, too! haha I just love the combination of pink and red here, and I'm, of course, obsessed with these colors, no matter what season it is! I picked these hunter boots up, at Nordstrom Rack, recently, and they've been worth every penny so far! I seriously love them so much! I hope you guys love them as much as me - I've been so happy with this purchase! P.S. This was the coat I showed in my stories a few weeks ago, that seemed not to match these boots. It honestly matches them so well, in real life, I can't believe it looked so crazy in my stories!

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How do we feel about stories, though? I'm trying so hard to share more of my real life with you guys! It's definitely harder than I thought. Well, maybe not harder than I thought, because, honestly, I thought it might be pretty hard. haha But it's definitely harder than I think most people imagine it will be! I want to share my real life more, but I know some parts have to be a little bit made up;.. a little bit imagined, so that it gets views and interest. So I'll definitely keep striving for that!
Thank you guys for following along - on instagram, pinterest, or here, on the blog! It all means more to me that you know! I so appreciate every second you choose to spend with me! Hope you have a wonderful week!