Cute, Sporty, and Comfy Look

I'm not sure I've ever taken blog photos in sneakers! Well, actually, once, I did a workout wear post, and was, of course, wearing tennis shoes with that outfit. But, aside from that, I'm usually wearing a cute pair of heels for the blog. But, today, I wanted to shoot a look in my cute little adidas sneakers! Lorelai actually has the exact same shoes, but hers have been pretty dinged up, as she often wears them to play on the playground at school. I guess that's what I get for buying white shoes for a toddler, huh? But, either way, they've been really great shoes for her, and seemed to be really comfy and versatile, so I went ahead and purchased the same pair for myself. I'm glad I did, because they are SUPER comfy and also super cute, which, I mean... you can't beat that combination! And, they're perfect for a Mom on the go! I also just had to throw in a pink ball cap and a cute denim jacket with this look. It just needed those touches, you know? Sometimes, an outfit tells me what's gonna happen, and I just do it. haha

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You guys! I started a photography business, and I've been taking so so many photos to build up my portfolio, lately! It's been SO fun for me, and I'm constantly thinking and dreaming up ideas for photoshoots, locations, and props. I just did Easter photos of my own kids, and they turned out super cute! (If you want to check them out, my photography website is I hope you love the few photo sessions that I have up so far. I can't wait to share more! Plus, we have our own family photo session, this weekend, with a different photographer. So many photos happening, over here. haha But, I really can't wait to share those. I've been planning this shoot for over a month, and I just hope the weather and my kids cooperate just a little bit for me! Thank you so much for being here, you guys, and for reading about my outfits and my life. You guys are the best, and I love getting to know you all!


Classic and Punchy in a Statement-making Red Dress

This red dress form Chicwish is so elegant and sophisticated, with its little fluted sleeves, lace detailing at the waist, and the pretty satin collar. I'm in love with the silhouette - it's a little longer than I typically choose, which would make it perfect for church or a family event. Plus, the color is that tomato red that's just so punchy and makes such a statement! I feel like I need a fascinator and a horse to bet on. haha! Dresses like this just always make me feel so pretty and romantic, and I can't get enough of lace, this time of year!

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Don't you just love the beautiful blooming trees in these pictures? My sister and I finally got to shoot with my new camera (at our favorite location for pictures!) and I'm so so thrilled with the outcome! It always means to much to me to shoot here. My pictures aren't always in some dreamy location like the Eiffel Tower or the streets of Dubai, but when I get to come to our favorite little local spot and take pictures, it makes me feel like I get to pretend to be in one of those amazing locations! And, I just love it! I can't wait to share more of the pictures we got on this day, with you! It was so so fun! Thanks for being here, you guys! I hope you have the best week!


Another Episode in the Pink Lace Dress Series | Best Dress for Easter or a Spring Wedding

I absolutely adore this dress. I think it's one of my all-time favorite dresses, and that's saying a LOT. I have plenty of dresses. But this one takes the cake in a lot of ways. It's my favorite color, it's such a pretty and intricate lace pattern, it's super flattering, and it's so feminine and delicate. I love the shape and the hemline and the sleeves. I could go on and on. haha! But, I'm definitely thinking this is a contender for my Easter dress. Lorelai's little dress is pink and white, and I think this would go right along with it. Do you guys plan your whole family's Easter outfits to coordinate, or do you just pick out a stand-alone outfit for everyone? I can't help myself but to try and coordinate, and I look forward to it every year!

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I apologize for the unintended week break from blogging, you guys! This past week has been so busy. But, I'm back, and things are getting back to normal, so be on the lookout for tons of pretty Spring content! Plus, we recently shot our first looks with my new camera, and I'm beyond excited about that! I'm loving the new camera and all the things I'm now able to do with my photos. I hope you guys are having a wonderful week, and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for being here!! 


Ruffled Lace | The Perfect Little Spring Top

You might think to yourself, "Hmmm, this top is a little extra." And, you would be right! Of course, that's exactly why I love it! There's lace and frills and mesh, and it's got so much goodness going on! When, I saw it at Chiciwsh, I knew I just had to have a top like this in my wardrobe, if only to be that over-the-top, sometimes. I think this top will look just as cute with a sweet little skirt as it does with my distressed denim (second time they've seen the blog! Wave for the camera, distressed denim! haha). I'm also living for this white top paired with some pretty statement accessories in a pretty shade of coral-ish pink. Of course, you could pair it with any accessories, but I always want to choose some variation of pink. And, I just love that it's 3/4 sleeves, which is perfect for early Spring, when it's still a bit cool, but also starting to warm up in the afternoons (if the sunshine ever comes out!). 

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I can't wait for all the ruffles and frills of Spring and Summer fashion. This light and airy top is just one among quite a few new things I'm excited to share with you guys, soon! I hope you're ready for all the lace dresses, off the shoulder tops, wicker and straw bags, sunhats, cute sandals, and ruffles and bows you can handle! I'm absolutely loving the trends of this Spring and Summer season, and fully embracing most of them with open arms! The weather is getting warmer and warmer, here, in South Carolina, and now if the sun would just cooperate and make an appearance, we could shoot the best content we've ever shot (with my shiny new camera!). Fingers crossed, because I'm too excited to be let down. haha! I hope you have sunshine, wherever you are, and are having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for being here!!


Delicate, Feminine Dresses to Add to your Wardrobe this Spring

The two things I'm most excited for this Spring are cute shoes and dresses. Today, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful dresses that I have my eye on this Spring! The dresses that I'm most excited about have all my favorite things - pastel colors, bows, lace, feminine details like dainty buttons and floral prints. I just live for Spring Fashion. I feel like this is where my style really shines, and I'm so excited to kick it up a notch, this season! We even purchased a new camera, recently, so hopefully we'll have even better quality photos to share my pretty Spring content, soon! I'm very excited about this season and all the things I have planned to share! 

Delicate Spring Dresses:


I'm also loving asymmetrical hemlines, bows, and ruffles, this Spring! Ruffles were big last season, and (to my delight) I don't see that trend slowing down any time soon. Another trend this season will be bows, and you just know that has me super excited! I've loved bows since I was a little girl. In highschool, I remember being one of the only girls who tied ribbons around her pony tails, almost daily. I just love those feminine touches, and I always have. I'm so glad you guys care to come here and follow along with the clothes I choose to wear. It's so humbling and special that we have this community. I really appreciate every single comment you take the time to leave me, and I feel like I totally connect with you guys. I hope you're as excited for Spring as I am, and I can't wait to see what everyone has in store this season! Thanks for reading! 


My Current Top of Life

I mean, if you follow my blog at all, you know this is my new favorite top. Light pink, giant bow, feminine sleeves? I'm so in! I wish there was a reason to dress like this every day, don't you!? I've mentioned before that I'm obsessed with Chicwish, right now, and I really am! I'm constantly going to their site to check for new arrivals, because they always have the most feminine and beautiful pieces, that are such great quality, too! If you love lace and bows and pastels or neutrals, you have to check them out! The obsession is real, and I just know you'll love them, too!


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Did you guys have a good weekend? Ours was so fun! On Saturday, I met up with Laura from Illuminate blog, and Michelle from Peaches to Palmettos, and we had the best time! I'm so grateful for those girls and their encouragement and help with everything blogging! Then, on Sunday, we had a calm day at home, and it was the perfect time to recharge for the week! Now we're starting our Monday off on the right foot, feeling healthy and rested. I love those weeks! I hope you're having a great Monday, so far, and that you feel productive and empowered today! Thanks for reading!