Pleated Satin Midi Skirt + Ruffles

I just adore this pale pink pleated midi skirt, from Chicwish. It's the perfect twirling skirt, and when I came out of the bedroom in this outfit, Lorelai called me a princess! (That's the best compliment you can receive from a 4 year old little girl! haha). But seriously, the movement and shine of this skirt is so beautiful, and I'm so excited to have it in my wardrobe! Not to mention, it's this perfect neutral blush pink shade that goes with so much. It's not easy to find this color, so when I find a piece I love in it, I'm definitely excited! Of course I had to be extra and pair this skirt with the biggest ruffles I own, but you could totally dress this skirt down a bit with a cute little tank or t-shirt.

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We packed so much into this little weekend, and it was honestly one of my favorites in a long time! I'm seriously loving the weather we've been having. Saturday was so so beautiful - I don't think I saw one cloud. We caught up on some sleep, took the kids to the zoo, and had a date night. Then, on Sunday we went to the park and our usual Target trip of course, and that night, we watched our favorite, Game of Thrones. That's always a highlight on the weekends, right now, and I'm already sad that it's almost over. I hope your weekend was as fun as ours, and have a lovely start to your week! Thanks for being here!


Elegant and Sophisticated Lace Midi Dress

This simple and sophisticated outfit is one of my favorites ever! This dress, from Chicwish, is just so beautiful, elegant, and figure-flattering! I'm obsessed with eyelash lace right now, and the detail on the neckline and hemline of this dress just give me life. Plus, the color is this unique shade somewhere between lavender and light blue, that I just think is so pretty, and photographs so well! This would be the perfect dress for Mother's Day, a Spring wedding, a garden party, or Derby party. If you're on the fence about this length of dress, I'd recommend trying one! I used to think this midi-length might look funny on my frame, but I was so wrong, and now this is one of my favorite dress cuts, along with the mini-dress, of course!

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Happy Thursday, you guys! This week has been pretty hectic, getting back into the swing of things, after Spring Break. But, Lorelai has been so happy to be back at school and see all her little friends again. And, I'm glad to have our routine back, even if it means things might be a bit more challenging. It's also already feeling like Summer here, now, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about wearing shorts and sleeveless tops and dresses, already! My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall, by far, so I'm pretty sad to see Spring go, every year. At least Easter was a bit later, this year, so I got to kind of extend that part. Now to just look forward to August, and the start of football season, and everything Pumpkin Spice. haha! I hope you have a lovely day, and end your week on a great note! Thanks for being here!


White Eyelet Dress + Boater Hat

Putting this little outfit together was so fun, you guys! I just love these little boater hats, this season, and I've never had one until recently. I've always done "sun-hats" and I love those, and you guys know I just have an overall affinity for hats, no matter the season! And, this cute little hat paired with this dress is giving me all the Summer vibes, and I kind of can't wait! I found this dress on Shein's site a few months ago, and it's currently sold out, (it sold out SO fast!), but I did find a ton of cute dresses that are super similar, so definitely check those out! I can't wait to wear this dress all Summer - dressed up with heels, and dressed down with flat sandals, I can just see it working for so many occasions. 

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Did you guys have a nice Easter? Ours was one of my favorites, ever! I was explaining to my husband how much I loved Easter, growing up, and that it was one my favorite holidays. He couldn't relate, and said that for him, Easter was a stuffy holiday that he didn't look forward to, as a kid. For me and my sister, we had Easter Baskets full of goodies that the Easter bunny brought, we had Easter Egg hunts, loads and loads of candy, and played with our cousins for hours and hours on the lake. Basically, all the people in our lives orchestrated this amazing event for the kids in my family. It was a great time. And, Ross and I want to create that kind of environment for our kids, for their holidays. You're only a child once, and I really think you should enjoy that time. Anyway, I think they did really enjoy themselves. They got Easter baskets filled with candy and too many toys, did their Easter egg hunts, played with their cousins, and saw all their favorite people. When I was tucking Lorelai in bed last night, she said she had a great day, and she was so happy. And, this Momma is really enjoying the holidays with her babies, right now. Every single one seems to get better and better. Thanks for letting me share our time with you! I hope you have a lovely Monday!


Fairytale Family Photos

I just love the way our last family pictures turned out. This shoot definitely didn't go smoothly - Lorelai was in a terrible mood, and Luke is never quite ready for his close-up, being a 2-year-old. But, still, I think, overall, they turned out great. (And, as a side note here, I totally need to get one of these floral swings. How beautifully does this photograph with the gorgeous back-lighting and pretty flowers?) Funnily enough, I recently got me and Lorelai several matching outfits to try and coordinate, for my blog and instagram. I don't know - just like seeing my big ideas crash and burn, I guess. haha! Keep your fingers crossed for those, and that me and my sister don't lose our minds trying to get them! Toddlers are challenging, you guys!

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I also can't post these photos without mentioning my dress and Lorelai's dress. They're both so beautiful, and honestly, quite affordable. My dress is a really lovely Amazon find, and believe it or not, it's under $100! I can't say enough good things. When I found Lorelai's little (well huge, actually) tutu dress, I couldn't resist seeing her in it. The dress is so large and poofy, that when she initially put it on, she said it was "too big", and "Nooo, that's Mommy's dress!" hahaha. In her defense, it is quite a lot of poof. But that's what we like around here, baby girl. Get used to it. Luke's little outfit is just one I picked up at Target. I was excited to find his little shirt in a similar color to my dress, and I think he just looked so adorable and handsome in his little suspenders and bow-tie! I didn't link Ross' outfit because it's not current, and you can probably find a white button-down and a pair of khakis in your man's closet any day! I hope you're having a wonderful week, and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading!


Spring Trend Spotlight: Smocked Dresses

I love this shade of yellow, in the Spring! And, this dress with it's adorable smocking, cute little flirty hemline, and balloon sleeves with the ruffle off-the-shoulder detail is kind of everything, right now. I love how it combines pretty much everything I love in one dress, and I gotta say - kinda obsessed! I have several dresses with this kind of smocking, now, and I love them more and more with each day! I haven't worn as many off-the-shoulder things yet, this Spring as last Spring, and I'm feeling like I need to step it up in that area, so here we go! haha It's always a favorite, for real. 

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You guys, Lorelai is on Spring Break this week, and I'm so excited! This week should be so fun - I plan to take them on so many walks, and to the park, and the zoo. It's really nice that she's in school, now, as it gives them a lot of structure in their little toddler lives, but I'm also super grateful for time off, and to spend extra time with both of my babies. They're only little once, as everyone always says! And, this weekend is Easter, which is always one of my favorite holidays. The kids are going to love searching for Easter eggs and getting their cute little stuffed bunnies. I can't wait! I hope you have a great week, and thank you so much for being here!


The Cutest, Most Flattering Eyelet Dress + My Favorite Eyelet Pieces for Spring

I shared this flirty little dress on my instagram a few weeks ago. Totally loving the eyelet detail and the tie-waist, plus the v-neck elongates your neckline, which is just another look I love. Basically, I would design this dress exactly this way, and I love everything about it! And, as icing on the cake, it's SO affordable! It's currently only $27, and there are lots of coupon codes for Shein right now, especially if you buy a certain amount. Basically, I'm saying hurry and go but a bunch of new Spring and Summer things, guys! hahaha But, if you shop at Shein, don't forget to use my "Secrets of Buying Well at Shein" guide! I love to buy from Shein, but I always qualify that statement with these tips! 

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I've recently become obsessed with everything "eyelet" this Spring! I always love and appreciate eyelet fabric, but the obsession has been real the past few weeks! I've only wanted to shop for all things eyelet, and that's saying a lot for this self-proclaimed lace-lover! I even recently got a hat with an eyelet ribbon trim (I'll share that soon on the blog! Love the look I created with it!) I just feel like, along with being sophisticated and girly, which I love, it's also just so cool and fresh. Eyelet + Ruffles is a major winning combination, in my book. I hope you love the eyelet pieces I've shared, and feel inspired and excited for dressing for Spring! Have a lovely Thursday and a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!


Cool and Chic in Blue and White

I love this color combination of light blue and white in the Spring and Summer. It's absolutely one of my very favorites! And, this pretty skirt from Chicwish is the perfect way to wear it! I'm loving the subtle lace detail in this skirt, and of course the cute little bow at the waist! It's very much my style, and I knew that the moment I saw it on the website. I actually photographed this skirt a few ways, and I decided I really liked it with a crop top. Something about full midi skirts and crop tops... they just pair so well together, and balance out my frame, which can sometimes get a little smothered in too much fabric, with a full skirt. My tip for doing a crop top if you don't want to show your stomach, but you still like the look: find a crop top that is longer, and a skirt that sits higher on the waist, and usually you won't show any skin, but you'll still get this crop top and full skirt look. I do that a lot, and it's definitely my favorite way to style a full skirt.


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 How was your weekend? We had a kind of hectic and exhausting weekend, to be honest. I'm needing a break from our break! haha Hopefully this week will go smoothly, and the following week, Lorelai is on Spring Break from school, so that should help to slow things down for a bit. We did get to shoot a lot of new content, over the weekend, which is always so much fun for me! I have so many cute little Spring goodies to share with you...  lace and eyelet pieces, pretty pastels, cute little sandals, and fun hats! I hope you just love them! Have a wonderful and productive Monday, and make this week amazing! Thanks for reading!