Dalmatian Print Skirt + Fun Statement Earrings

I poked a little fun at myself the other day on instagram, for wearing black with this outfit. I do, in fact, rarely wear black on the blog (it just doesn't photograph well, in my opinion), but this beautiful spotted skirt from Chicwish just needed to be paired with black, I think, don't you? I'm definitely loving ruffles and asymmetric hemlines in my skirts and dresses, at the moment, and I'm totally sold on this one! Plus, this off-the-shoulder top is one of my favorites, in any case. I really love this over-all look... so many fun ruffles and details, and these earrings are so bold and make just as big a statement as any piece in the outfit.

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I hope you guys are having a lovely week! We've been super busy, but it's been fun. I have so many things on my calendar in the next few weeks, it's kind of making me crazy, but after that, we have Summer break for Lorelai and I'm hoping things can slow down a bit. And, tomorrow, Ross and I celebrate our 10-year anniversary! I looked up what the 10-year anniversary meant (like gold/silver), and apparently it's aluminum, or tin. hahaha That didn't exactly sound glamorous. Hopefully, Ross has more planned than some aluminum foil! Although, I'd be just as happy either way! I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for being here!


The Romantic Dress of My Dreams

Aaaahhh, this dress! It's seriously one of my favorites! I got it in burgundy last Winter (you can see that post here - also SO cute!), and I knew I was going to need it in white for this Spring! It's seriously so good- the lace is so pretty and all the details are just divine. It's short enough to be sexy, but has that high neckline and long sleeves to keep everything still looking sophisticated. It's seriously perfect, and I think I need Chicwish to make it in pink and blue, too! haha For now, at least I can pair my white one with blue or pink accessories, which is also so fun!

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This weekend was so so fun, you guys. Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorites! There's always a fair in our town, and it's literally minutes away from our house. So, we went to that for the first time in a few years (it was Luke's first fair!), and it was way too much fun to watch the kids eyes light up when they saw the fair ground and all the fun rides. I loved putting them on a few of the little toddler rides and seeing their huge smiles when they started going. You really can't get a feeling like that anywhere else. We also had a little cookout with friends over the weekend, which was the best, spending time with them and seeing my friend's little baby. (Lorelai loves babies right now, so that was probably the highlight of her weekend, even above the carnival rides. haha) Now, we just have a few more short weeks of school for Lorelai before Summer break starts and we get to have even more fun-filled weekends. I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you for being here, you guys!! Seriously, you are the best blog community ever, and I love it! Have a wonderful day!


The Best Eyelet Pieces for Spring

Today, along with this adorable little skirt (I've been looking for a good one like this for over a year!), I also wanted to share some of my other current favorite eyelet pieces for Spring. I'm dying over eyelet right now... as well as blue and white, you'll notice that trend, too! haha So, these are some of my current crushes, and I have a pretty good feeling you'll be seeing some (if not all) of them featured on the blog soon! Like I said, I've been looking for a good skirt like this for a very long time, and this little cutie from Chicwish has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe. With this look, I decided to do a little double peplum action, but I can see it with so many of my cute little off the shoulder or ruffle tops, this season.

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Okay guys, I know everyone has already weighed in on the Game of Thrones finale, but what were your thoughts? I'm honestly so sad it's over, that feeling is overshadowing anything I could think about how the end was written. (Spoiler warning!) I was definitely a little sad that Jon Snow didn't take the throne, and to be honest, I don't think Bran really deserves it, but that's just me. I have a ton of thoughts on the whole ending, the main point being that it was really obvious that the timeline was sped up to allow for a shorter series altogether, and that was more than a little frustrating to me. All in all, it was a terrific series, and I'm glad it exists in the world, but still very sad to see it end. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! Ours has been so full, and I'm proud of all I accomplished this week! Enjoy your day, and have a fun weekend!


Floral Dresses and Sunshine

If you're looking for the prettiest print and the most comfortable and classic dress for this Spring and Summer, then look no further. This dress meets and surpasses all those requirements, and I'm just loving these pretty florals! Of course, I had to bring my own bouquet of flowers to the party, for these photos. I don't always walk around holding a floral arrangement... haha! But, I definitely thought this dress deserved the best floral treatment I could come up with, and since there aren't many flowers in bloom here, anymore, that means, I had to create my own floral magic. I loved pairing it with my pink acrylic arc bag (what better use, right?), and these cute little Valentino dupe heels that I found on Amazon. Seriously the cutest little combo!

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Did you guys have a nice weekend? Ours was quite and relaxing, which is just what I needed! On Friday, we shot lots of blog content, which is seriously my favorite day! My sister comes out to shoot the looks, and my Mom watches my kids. The kids have so so much fun, playing endlessly with my mom (who always ends up buying them a ton of new toys to play with while we shoot.) And, it always makes me feel so good to know that while I'm working on something that I really value, my kids are also having a great time and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Saturday and Sunday were very relaxing, and for once, I kind of feel I'm ready for the week ahead! I hope you have a really great Monday, and thank you so so much for being here!!


Floral Lace Dress for Spring

I've been obsessed with this color blue since my childhood best-friend and I decided that we'd start a club to save the dolphins and the whales, when we were around 10 years old. haha! It's close to the shade (Tiffany blue, actually) that I used in my wedding, and it's just always been a favorite. When I found this dress, I knew it would instantly become a classic in my wardrobe, and be able to function for church, weddings, date-night; just a myriad of things. (For reference, I'm pretty average height, so this dress is actually a little short, but not too short to be appropriate. It's kind of right on the line, in my opinion, for an event like church). These cute little earrings were kind of a random find, but I'll definitely try and link them or something similar, because they're just too fun!

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How has your week been, you guys? Mine started off with a virus, and I'm afraid my youngest and husband are coming down with it now. I'm already feeling much better (thank you all for the well wishes on Instagram!), so I'm hoping they recover quickly, too, and we can kind of get on with our lives before the weekend! haha Nothing like being sick to make you realize how much you appreciate being a healthy, functioning human being! I'm grateful to be feeling so so much better already, and we're hopeful for a fun weekend, still ahead. Have a fabulous day, and thank you so so much for being here!!


White Demin Jacket with Coral Accents

I shared this look on instagram recently, and a few of my favorite bloggers and I shared 4 fun ways to style a white denim jacket! That post was so fun to create, and I'm going to be doing another post similar to that soon! I can't wait - be on the lookout for that one! Today, I wanted to share the details of this cute little look. You guys know I don't have a professional photographer, and unfortunately, that means my shoes and things sometimes get cropped out of the picture. Eeek! Especially, when your shoes are THIS cute! Come on, Instagram! hahaha. Anyway, I just loved how my heels and earrings matched. I know the matchy-matchy thing isn't necessarily super trendy at the moment, but honestly, it's something I'll always love to do, anyway. Also, you may have noticed this bag a lot recently on Instagram, too. I got it in pink acrylic last Summer, and I've really enjoyed styling this bamboo one, so far this Spring, and can't wait to style it with my Summer outfits, too! 

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I hope you guys had the best weekend, and Mother's Day! This was probably my favorite Mother's Day, yet! So relaxing, but also full of seeing all my favorite people, and celebrating all the wonderful Moms in my life. Lorelai is approaching Summer break from school, and we've been planning things we can do over the Summer - I'm so excited! I've been getting my tan on and whitening my teeth, and I also just bought a few adorable new swimsuits for the Summer. We're gonna have such a fun time! It's been a while since I didn't have a baby to care for the entire time we were at the pool or beach, so I kind of can't wait for this toddler pool-life. haha! I hope you're having a lovely Monday, so far! Enjoy your day! 


Matching Mommy & Daughter Tutu's

I loved dressing Lorelai up in this adorable little tutu, to match me! She was so excited to wear it and be "princesses together"! haha Lorelai and I don't actually have as many twin outfits as I thought we would, when I was pregnant with her. When I found out I was having a girl, this kind of photoshoot was one of my very first thoughts. I could just imagine dressing alike and looking adorable at every chance we got! And, even though life is kinda not quite like a photoshoot with matching tutu's all the time, I'm so grateful I get to do this kind of thing with her... It's still a dream come true! She's pretty girly, and she loves getting dressed up, and I will enjoy that as long as it happens! 

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Speaking of life not always being a photoshoot... Today, I wanted to talk about something a bit different than my clothes. I've been struggling with anxiety for a little over a year, now, and as I've opened up about my feelings to different people, I get the sense that I'm totally not alone in these feelings I have. Being a Mom is stressful, you guys. Being a Mom in 2019, specifically, is overwhelming. When I think of all the things I want to accomplish in the day, and all the directions I feel like I'm being pulled, sometimes I just feel like I can't handle it all. And, I'm not complaining. I realize that I'm beyond blessed. My life is not perfect, but I do have a loving husband who provides amply for us. I have two beautiful children who I love dearly, and I get to do this whole fashion blogging thing, and have more clothes than I would honestly ever ever need. But, anxiety doesn't discriminate. Anxiety doesn't care how happy you're supposed to be. You can have those feelings right in the middle of a joyful moment with your family. Anyway, I've just been struggling with my anxiety an extra bit, lately, and I wanted to share in case you're also struggling with anything like this. I've been working to form healthy habits, and trying different things to help myself cope with my anxiety, and I'll be sure to share if I find things that help. Let me know if you also struggle with any area of your mental health - I'd love to hear your experience or any ways that you cope! Thanks for letting me share with you guys. I really appreciate you and the community we have here!