Pink Floral One Shoulder Dress

I love the unique print of this dress and the one-shoulder ruffles. I was pleasantly surprised at how thick the fabric is, and the ruffles stand up on their own really nicely. I also love the pretty pale pink color juxtaposed with the dark purple flowers, so pretty! This is one of those super feminine dresses that is just my style, and I can't wait to get use out of it for years to come! You guys know I love to play with trends, but I also love when a piece is trendy, but still classic, and that's how I feel about this one. So many of the pieces from Chicwish are that way, and I'm always happy to add them to my closet for the long haul.

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I can't tell you guys how excited I am for this weekend! And, the 4th of July is almost here, which is one of my favorite holidays. I can't wait to dress us all up in our red, white, and blue and celebrate with our families and friends. The only downfall to the 4th of July, now that I have toddlers, are the fireworks. Not only do they scare them, but they're  super loud, which is definitely something you realize more as you're hoping your babies sleep through the night! haha But, they have historically not been disturbed by them at all, so here's hoping that trend continues. I hope you're having a great week, and that you enjoy your weekend! Thanks for being here!


The Sweetest, Striped, Eyelet Romper for Summer

Can you guys even believe this is only the second romper I've ever owned? Yep! I have one other one and it's also a favorite, but I just don't think to purchase rompers often. Since this one looks a lot like a dress, it caught my eye. Finding out it was a romper, well, honestly, that was just icing on the cake! It's actually perfect, because as a dress, it would be kind of short, but since it actually has shorts built in (the little flap over the front is not over the back too, and you can tell it's shorts from the back), you can wear it a bit more confidently, being so short. And, you know I just LOVE the off the shoulder  and eyelet details, plus the color and the tie-waist! Honestly, this is a big hit for me, and I just know I'll be loving it all Summer! Thanks again, Chicwish! Another fav!

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Okay, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was doing something big, and asked for prayers, and then just kind of left you guys hanging. Well, I'm still not going into it all (I may one day, but not for now), but I did want to say that it went SO well, and I really really appreciate the prayers and thoughts you guys had for me, and all the well-wishes! I'm so happy I chose to do something that I knew would possibly be an incredible, life-changing step for me, and I'm really confident and pleased with the decision I made. (If you're wondering, it has nothing to do with my relationships or my blog! haha!) Like I said, I may share more, sometime, down the road, but for now, I'm just going to leave it at that. I SO appreciate you guys for the support though. Even though you didn't even know what I was doing, the positive energy and support from you was seriously felt, and I don't take that for granted for one second. Okay, before this gets too mushy, I'm gonna wrap it up! Just, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you guys. I love hearing from you, and every single kind message or comment you leave has touched me and meant the world to me. Love y'all!


Feminine Fashion Haul with PrettyLittleThing

Okay, to say that I'm obsessed with this amazing white lace dress and this larger-than-life bow crop-top would kind of be an understatement. They're both so fabulously feminine, and I can't think of a better way to personify my style! This dress is seriously just way too fun - from the kind of fringe-looking lace detail that cascades off the hips, to the perfect hemline and neckline, I am in love! And this bow-adorned crop-top... well, you know I just had to have that oversized bow in my life, from the moment I laid eyes on it. I just loved styling these ultra-feminine pieces from PrettyLittleThing! And, by the way, they also have tons of totally diverse options, if super girly isn't your thing.

You guys, I've been watching so many YouTube videos, lately, while I blog, and I need to stop, because they make me want to buy all the clothes and makeup! (No, I'm kidding - I'll never stop! haha!) I don't know if I just have ADD or what, but I feel like I'm wasting my time if I'm working on something and I'm not also actively learning about what sales are going on, or what pieces are trending. I just need to know all of these things for us! Okay, thank you guys so so much for following along with me - you have not idea how grateful I am that anyone wants to see what I wear and read what I write. Love you guys!


Yellow Sundress | Summer Style with PrettyLittleThing

I've just been loving cute, flirty and easy dresses like this one, for Spring and Summer, lately! I'm always such a big fan of lightweight dresses in the hot months, as it gets SO hot here in South Carolina. They're such a nice way to keep cool, while still looking like I put a lot of effort into my outfit. This yellow floral print one is super flattering. I always love the off-the-shoulder details, and the little sleeves are just such a cute addition! Add a cute Summer bag and your favorite strappy heels, and you have yourself the cutest, on-trend outfit. PrettyLittleThing has some of the most darling dresses and rompers, right now, making the whole "getting ready" process a no-brainer in the mornings!

I actually did a whole haul from PrettyLittleThing, recently, and will be sharing a few more of the cute things I got, soon, on the blog! I can't wait to show you the other fun pieces! One of the looks is the look we shot in the rain the other day (I mentioned that on instagram), which was actually pretty funny, but the pictures turned out great! Yep, I was in my full-on makeup, with my hair that had just been washed and styled, standing out in the rain, taking pictures of my outfit. But, you guys know that I would never let a little rain come between sharing my outfits with you! haha! Thank you so much for being here, y'all! I seriously love you guys and hearing from you! Have a wonderful day!


Eyelet, Tie-Front Dress

When it comes to easy, Summer dresses, you know this blog is the place to go! I've been loving these types of easy looks, lately, and just how put-together they look, but how effortless they really are! And, of course, as you know, I'm living for eyelet lately, so this mauve little eyelet dress really drew me in. I'm also obsessing over the tie-front detail of this dress, which just gives it so much character, I think. Plus the detail on the hemline, and the weight of this dress are both just perfect. Chicwish also has this dress in a gorgeous blue and a white. Seriously, pink, blue, and white are all of my very favorites for Summertime.... Maybe I need all three?? haha! 

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We have a LOT going on this week, you guys. I'd rather not go into it all, here, but just say a special prayer for me, if you do that sort of thing, and keep me in your thoughts, otherwise! I'm excited and nervous about the upcoming days. I'm planning to stick to a blog schedule through all the craziness, but please excuse me if I miss a day. I'll be catching up as soon as I can! I never want to miss a day with you guys... This is literally my happy place, and I'm forever grateful for you all and the passion and heart we share, here. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


Tiered, Eyelet Dress

This white eyelet dress is so beautiful and exactly what I want to be wearing, in this Summer heat. It's comfy, and cool, lightweight, but not see-through, and so dreamy, intricate, and beautiful. The details on this dress are what drew me in. When I first saw the neckline, I knew I'd need it. And, when it arrived, I was surprised by just how comfortable it is! Chicwish is always such a pleasant surprise, in that way. You guys know I love a good pair of heels, but you could easily pair this dress with a lower block-heel sandal, or even just a nice pair of flat strappy sandals, to dress it down a bit. The fabric is 100% cotton, so I feel like, even though the details look all fancy, that means you can still kind of dress it down, some, if you'd like.


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I've mentioned several times that I'm obsessed with eyelet right now, but guys, the obsession is running deep. It's like the only thing I'm wearing right now, so just brace yourself! haha I had an obsession with lace a few years ago, and I'm noticing that my purchases often go through ebbs and flows like that, and I'm quite one-track minded sometimes. It's okay with me, though, since lace and eyelet can create some really beautiful pieces. I hope you guys are having the most wonderful Monday! Thanks for reading, guys!


My Favorite Summer Color Combination | Blue + White

I shared this look on Instagram recently, as part of a collab with three other wonderful bloggers I love. We all styled our white denim in different ways, and it was funny because without discussing it, three of the four of us styled our white denim with blue and white tops! What can we say? Great minds think alike, and also it's a perfect Summer combination! I just love it. Another thing I love? This ruffle top! I styled it last Spring (you can see that post here - I kind of stood up the ruffles there, and it looks a little different, but it's the same top!), and I couldn't wait to style it again this year, with my white denim. I really love pieces that make such a statement, but can also be styled in completely different ways. I'm excited to restyle a lot of pieces in my closet, soon, and as I do, I'll link back to the original post or posts where I styled them before, so you can see lots of styling ideas, should you consider buying something similar.

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 Well, guys, we are officially on Summer Break time, over here! It's pretty nice already, and I'm really looking forward to having a lot of fun with my family, this Summer! We have a lot planned for the upcoming few weeks, but I'm really excited for it all. And, I have a bunch of fun collabs coming up for the blog! It's really gonna be a great Summer, overall. I can't wait to share all that we'll do and wear with you guys! haha Thanks for being here, you guys! Enjoy your Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!


Scalloped Dress + Bow Heels

It's no secret that I LOVE a feminine look, and this cute little ensemble is definitely no exception. From the scalloped details, to the pink bows on my toes, this look just screams "girly", in the best way. And, both the dress and the heels here are both from Dressbarn! They have some really cute pieces, right now, and I'm absolutely loving both of these. They're definitely good quality, and I'm excited to get a lot of use out of them both, especially since these heels are low enough to run around after my kids in, but also still super cute! The best of both worlds!


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I hope you guys are having a great Monday! It's the last Monday before Summer break for my daughter, and we're getting so excited! I hope they sleep in past 6:30 a few days this Summer! haha (It's not likely, but a Momma can dream! Keep hope alive, everyone!) Now that we're almost in the full Summer swing of things, I'm looking for a few shows to get addicted to, so if you guys have any recommendations, I'd love to hear! Thanks guys, and have a great day!