Pool Day + The Cutest, Affordable Swimsuits to Order Right Now

The other day, we took the whole gang to the pool. My sister, my mom, the kids, and a million pool floats! hahaha We had a great time, and snapped some cute pictures while the kids splashed around and wore themselves slap out with my Mom! I wore self-tanner for the first time in years, and honestly, it felt really nice to get all fancy for just a trip to the pool, again. (I won't lie, I don't always wear a full face of makeup to the pool, but I did it for the blog/gram! haha) I've been wanting to share some of my favorite swimsuit finds, lately, and I thought I better get on it while there's still pool time left in the year! So, these are some of my favorite, affordable suits at the moment!

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I hope you guys are enjoying your Summer, whatever you're up to! I'm currently trying to decide if a beach trip is worth the effort with a two and four-year-old. I would love to have a vacation, and I know they would enjoy the pools and beach, but oh my gosh, the travel! How do you travel with your crazy kids? Any advice is welcome, because unless I figure this out, I'm not sure we'll have a family vacation until they're teens! Here's hoping we can figure it out, and if we go, that we'll have a great time! I hope you enjoy your Thursday and have a lovely weekend! Thanks for being here!


Floral Ruched Dress

The shape of this dress is so unique and figure-flattering! I'm obsessed with the pretty floral print, and I just love the ruched detail above the slit in the leg - so sexy and perfect! I've seen that little ruched detail on a lot of pieces, lately, and I'm just loving it. It's super cute on mini skirts and crop tops, too! And, while it's still super hot, here, this is the perfect little dress to throw on - it's super lightweight and cool. I'm enjoying all my Summer clothes, right now, but I'll be honest, I was absolutely melting in the heat, while taking these photos. So living for things like off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, lightweight fabrics, and breezy pieces, at the moment!

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I hope you guys had a nice weekend! I had such a wonderful time, all around. Friday, we shot new content, and that's always always such a fun time with my sister. I haven't mentioned, lately, how grateful I am that my sister takes my blog photos (Ross takes them, when she isn't available - also grateful for him!). I just always love the photos we create, and so enjoy the time I get with her. Friday was no exception, as we shot pictures and did outfit changes together while laughing and listening to "The Neverending Story" theme song. hahaha Saturday and Sunday were filled with family time. I can't wait to share pictures from our day at the pool, soon! So fun! Thanks so much for being here, this Monday, guys! I hope you have a great week!


Old Hollywood Inspired | Black + White

So, we watched the movie "Murder Mystery" a few weeks ago, and Gemma Arterton's character was rocking this amazing wide-brim black hat, and she totally inspired today's look. (S/N - Gemma Arterton is so beautiful, and I kinda love her). She had a ding on her head that she was trying to cover with the hat, and Ross asked me if I needed him to wack my head, so I could really recreate the look. haha! He was kidding of course... and I didn't choose to go that far. But, I had such a fun time styling this one, and I'm so obsessed with this gorgeous skirt and cute little top, both from Chicwish. I know this skirt is kind of a statement, but it's such a beautiful one. And, this top will be a staple throughout late Summer and Fall, I'm sure!

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Are you guys watching Stranger Things? We finished the season last night, and oh my gosh. I loved it so much. I laughed, I cried. We went on a whole journey, and gah - that show is just so so good. I don't think I've ever mentioned here what a SciFi junkie I am. I love the SciFi genre more than anything, and this show is seriously everything, for me. Not only is the Science Fiction story-line exactly what I love, but the character development, the relationships, the "growing up, kind of right-of-passage" that the kids go through, in real life, and on screen. It's all so beautiful, and I can't say enough good things about that show. If you haven't gotten into it.... what are you waiting for? 
Thank you guys so much for being here today, and I hope you have the BEST Thursday and a great weekend! 


Vacay Vibes

If you're headed some place tropical this Summer (or even if you're not), this is the perfect skirt for you! I'm so obsessed with the fabric and the flow of this one! Plus, the color would look so gorgeous by the sea, don't you think? You could pair it with a cute little crop top, like this one, or you could also pair it with a fun graphic tee, or even wear it with a pretty bikini top, on the beach. So many fun options. Chicwish also has this same skirt available in a ton of other colors -  I'm also obsessed with the pink and yellow!

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Oh my gosh, you guys! We had such a fun long weekend. I even took a week-long break from social media, and it was so nice! I'm excited to be back with fun new content, this week, but I've also so enjoyed our family time. The kids played with family and friends, did their little pop-its and sparklers on the 4th, and played at their grandparents' (they got them this kiddie pool with a slide and all these ring toss/ball games, that they LOVED!). I love to see them so happy, and I'm so glad we all got to enjoy ourselves. I hope you have the best Monday, and thanks for being here!


Summer Simplicity

Sometimes, especially in the Summer, I just think the simpler the outfit, the better. I just love the simplicity of this little tie-front dress. So effortless and breezy. I got this little basket bag from Shein, recently, (so affordable!). It's not the greatest quality, but I'll try and link some similar options, because I do love the look of a cute little basket bag. Then, I paired everything with my new favorite earrings, and an old staple pair of Summer heels. I don't know what I'd do without these heels in the Summer - haha! They're seriously my very favorites, and they make your legs look so great. Not to mention, they go with literally everything. You can catch them in honestly every other look I've done, lately. Can't recommend them enough! 

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I'm so beyond excited about this week, you guys! Ross has a bunch of time off, and we're planning to do so many fun little things with family and friends. Today, I'm going to do some shopping for a few Summer things, and start preparing the kids' back-to-school wardrobes. I can't believe how quickly Summer is flying by. I know it can't last forever, but Momma has enjoyed sleeping in, you guys. haha! Anyway, even though Fall means the start of school, and more busy schedules for us, I'm excited to shop for it! I hope you guys are having a good Monday, and have fun plans for the week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!