Belted Eyelet Dress

The obsession with eyelet continues with this cute little white Summer dress from Chicwish. I'm just in love with the beauty and comfort of this one. I seriously think it'd be flattering and perfect on any body-type, and it's the perfect length and fabric. I chose to pair it with this peachy-pink, one of my all-time favorite shades of pink, but you could easily pair this dress with any color, or go all-neutral with your look. I can see it with a cute little straw bag, pretty wedges, and wooden earrings, too. That's what I love about cute little dresses like this one - seriously endless styling possibilities!

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I hope you guys have had a great week so far! Ours has been crazy busy, and school hasn't even started yet! haha I can't tell you how not ready my heart is to see Lorelai start K4. You can do all the prep, and be "ready", but just not quite ready, you know? I feel like Lorelai was just born yesterday, and don't even get me started on Luke. He'll be my baby forever. They really do just grow up way too fast, and I'm over here grasping at everything to try and keep my babies little. But, still, I'm excited for this upcoming week, and to get back into the swing of everything, and develop a better schedule for all of us. Might as well embrace the growth and change. Have a lovely Thursday, you guys, and thanks for reading!


Pink Leafy Skirt

I love the color and pattern of this sweet little skirt, so much! I seriously love the asymmetrical leaf pattern hemline, and as I mentioned in my last post that I needed more pink, this was the perfect piece to feature. It's from Chicwish, and I'll link more cute pink skirts from them, as well! A sizing note about this skirt - it's labeled as a S/M but the fit is more like an XS, so only order it if you're comfortable in an extra small. It is very tight, but I don't really mind that. Also, I purchased this top a few years ago, and I'm having a hard time finding it online, but will link some similar options!

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I hope you guys had a lovely weekend! We had a lot of good family time. My grandpa is now in hospice, and we've been trying to spend time with him and my family and just remember what's important in life. I'm so grateful I have these two little munchkins, right now, through all of this. They continue to keep me smiling and to remind me that life is precious, and for that I'm forever grateful. I hope you conquer your Monday, and thanks for being here, you guys!


Blue Open-back Dress

This charming dress is something totally different for me. I'm usually more of a mini-skirts and dresses person, but I just had to try out this beautiful open-back style, flowy Summer dress from Chicwish. I could just see it with an armful of flowers walking through the Farmer's market. You could easily dress it down a bit with some cute flat sandals, for a day like that. The waist is elastic, too, so if you need to sample some food, you're totally good there! haha The real star of this one is definitely the back. The design and little tie detail have me totally smitten. Plus, of course you know I just love this color in the Summer. Totally obsessed.

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You guys, I cannot believe school starts again soon. I've been totally enjoying having Lorelai home from pre-K all Summer, and we're so not ready to get back into the swing of everything. I told her she was going back to school soon, yesterday (by chance, she is going to have the same teacher that she had last year), and she was so excited. So, that definitely helps me to get over the blah feelings of not wanting to do it all. haha She really does enjoy it, and that makes this Momma so very happy. Time to get all the back-to-school prep underway! I hope you guys are having a lovely Thursday! Thanks for reading.


Pink Wrap Dress

This pink wrap dress from Chicwish is so perfect and flattering! I'm loving the length, the color, the cut, and everything about it. It feels both romantic and sexy at the same time. I also just realized it's been a little bit since I wore pink on the blog, and I'm kind of wondering who I am right now! haha I'm glad to be back in my color of life, and I'll be extra sure not to abandon my favorite for that long, in the future!

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Did you guys have a good weekend? We had such a great one. It was beautiful and sunny, relaxing, and perfect. And, now it's a gloomy Monday morning, and we have tons to do. But, I'm trying to carry over the sunshine of the weekend into my week, and we're gonna do great things. I hope you have a fun Monday, and find yourself a few bright spots in the day. Thanks for reading!


Color of the week: Green

This is one of those tops that is a great statement piece, but also easy to wear casually, and I'm totally loving that right now. Plus, it's perfect for this super hot weather we're having right now, and I just love this color! I've recently really gotten into green, and the color is a little harder to find than others. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my loves for pink and light blue! haha Just trying to broaden my narrow view, a little. What is your favorite color to wear, at the moment?


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You may have noticed I've been a little MIA on the blog, lately. My grandfather is in the hospital, and it's been an emotional couple of weeks. But, I'm going to try to be more consistent through the trials of life, anyway. This blog is such a wonderful source of joy and encouragement in my life, and I definitely need that, right now. I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week, and thanks for being here!