I had a dream. I got everything I wanted.


This little skirt is one of my very favorites, and it's super affordable, so I'm excited to share it today! Plus, the top is so flattering and I just love the neckline. And, you guys are probably tired of seeing these boots, but I shall never stop wearing them! (okay, that's a lie. I suppose they'll eventually fall apart. But I've had them for a LOOOONG time. And, still love them.) Note to self: make sure to smile in a few of your outfit photos. haha! I normally do smile more than this, I swear!

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Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving next week? We actually have Thanksgiving events starting this weekend, and I've at least bought the dish we're supposed to bring. haha But, I know I'll figure it all out, and I'm excited to see everyone and celebrate and honestly, to be reminded of the wonderful things I'm so thankful and grateful for in my sweet little life. We're getting over a cold, here, which is nice, and pretty perfect timing. Although, with two young children, as each cold ends, I can only look forward to another cold, usually! ha. I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading!

Learn to Fly, Show the World How You Try. But, Don't Let Go Until You Know Me


We did our Fall Family photos this past weekend, and I wanted to share them with you guys! I always always love coordinating our outfits and getting the kids all cute for photos. And, as an added bonus, it's getting just a tiny bit easier to get them to stand still (end even smile, sometimes!) for photos. haha But, I'm not complaining. I love them at this age - this wild and crazy stage of their lives where we're screaming and laughing and running and jumping and throwing things. I'll always be grateful for each stage they're in. This one is a particular favorite, and I'm so very excited for this Holiday Season with these cuties.

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I hope you're having a fantastic week, so far! It's getting pretty cold, here, and I'm excited to pull out our sweaters and boots, and officially dress for the Fall and Winter weather. We're shooting some more looks, tomorrow, and I'm excited to transition my wardrobe and the blog over to my warm, fluffy things. Have a great Tuesday!
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