Happy New Year!

I hope you guys had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year, and I hope you had a great Christmas, and holiday season! We definitely did! I'm hoping to get back to blogging, in the new year! I love being here, and doing this, and I've definitely missed the friendships I've developed here. I look forward to what this new year will hold for us... this new decade! 

This dress was just a cheap one I picked up, kind of randomly during the holiday season. I knew it'd be great for anything for Christmas or the new year, and honestly, I'm super pleased with my purchase of a sparkly green dress, for the holiday season. I think it'll come in handy for a few more events than just the new year - and I'm always looking to re-wear items I have in my closet. haha. 

Thank you guys, especially the ones who have mentioned missing me and my blog. I'm planning to try to blog more again, in 2020. I seriously look forward to it, and again.... I really do this for my own enjoyment, and enjoy everything about the blogging community, just because. It's not about being an "influencer" for me... it's about creating connections and being real. I appreciate you, if you're still here, and I value our relationship, here, on the internet. Seriously. Thank you.



  1. Aw love that you are back!! Missed all of your pictures and posts!!

  2. You absolutely rock that dress dear. Happy New Year!
    Jessica |

  3. You're so beautiful, happy new year!

  4. I love that dress! Happiest year of all to you :)


  5. You are beautiful. Love the dress on you.