Blue Spring Dress

This little blue dress is so so cute, and comfy and flattering. I was planning to wear it for Easter, buuuut, since Easter might be cancelled, I'm pulling it out now, to wear just in case. And, honestly, if Easter is cancelled, I'm totally gonna wear this to my living room, where Easter will be happening! haha I honestly think it will outlast any trends - the sophisticated lace and collar are some of the most timeless things you can ask for in a cute little dress. And, honestly, I can see the obsession lasting a while.

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How are you guys doing with the social isolation thing? I'll be honest that at every turn, I'm happy to get out of my house. But, I'm also enjoying the time with my family, and have enjoyed time to get to do all that laundry and some housework that you always promise yourself you'll do when you get time. haha! I've definitely enjoyed that we can still connect online, at this time, and I'm considering doing more instagram stories and stuff, while we're in this state. I just need the connection, right now. But, in the meantime, I'm happy to share my Springtime looks with you, and I hope you're having a pretty good week, considering everything that's happening. See you soon!


  1. Jessica, I adore this dress on you! The color is gorgeous and you always manage to style things beautifully without breaking the bank. So glad to see your photos, they are a bright spot for me! xoxo


  2. This dress is simply wonderful. You look beautiful.

  3. So elegant and posh, and you look stunning as always dear!

    Jessica |

  4. You look amazing in this dress! So beautiful!

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