Puff Sleeves and Crop Tops

I've already discussed my love for this top on Instagram, but juuuust in case you missed that post, I love love this little puff sleeve top! I'm definitely loving the trend of wearing a crop top with high-waisted jeans (or a skirt/shorts), and specifically, right now, a puff sleeve crop top is super cute, and super on-trend. Plus, it also combines a few of my other favorites in Spring and Summer - eyelet and pastels. So, yeah! Kinda obsessed with this whole look, and so excited that the crop top trend is big again this season. I'm obsessed!

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Hope you guys are having a great Thursday. I ventured out grocery shopping today, which is really the only time I leave the house - like once every few weeks. I wish I could say it's nice to just get out of the house, but do you guys feel like everything's dirty and you can't get home fast enough to clean off, right now? haha. I'm seriously freaked every time I shop. But, either way, I got everything I set out to purchase, and I'm home now, and hoping I didn't contract anything while I was out. I hope your grocery trips are still going well. Are you going out, or having things delivered? Thanks for stopping by today, guys, and have a wonderful weekend!

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