Tiered White Blouse

I'm loving this tiered off the shoulder white blouse from Chicwish! Another one of those perfect tops that I could pair with just about anything throughout the Spring and Summer! I have a fold-over white sweater that I wear all the time in the Fall and Winter - it just pairs so well with everything, and looks so great on me! Anyway, I knew when I saw this top that it would be the Spring/Summer version of that sweater, so guess who had to have this one!? haha It's definitely everything I expected and more, and I can't wait to get alllll the use out of it in the coming months!

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Happy Thursday, lovies! It's a great day, at our house, and I'm already looking forward to the weekend! I mentioned that I had some dental work on Monday, and that went well. I'm definitely still recovering (it was kind of a big one!), but things are looking good, and the procedure went well, so I'm super excited to have that behind me. Hopefully, it's only up from here, as far as that's concerned. So, now that the week's been kind of painful and a little slow, I'm definitely looking forward to a nice weekend with the family, and maybe getting out of the house a bit. :) Thanks for being here, you guys! Have a great day!


Bow Back Floral Blouse

Hi, lovely people! I hope you're having a great Monday, so far! Today, I wanted to share this cute little bow-tied blouse from Chicwish. I could see this top working well for so many different looks. I've paired it with denim shorts  and a cute hat for a more casual Summertime look, but you could totally make it more formal with a cute midi skirt. You guys know I love when my pieces can work well styled multiple ways, and this one is just perfect for that! Oh, and P.S. It also totally comes in a blue and white pattern that's to die for! I'll link both below, plus some other cute floral blouses for you to shop.

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I hope you guys get a lot done today! Mine is off to a good start. I have some dental work this afternoon - bleh! But, I'm excited to get that over with, and then I'll be working on some more fun things for you guys, this week! I can't wait to share all the cute looks I have planned. So much feminine, Summery content! So many bows and so much gingham! haha I'm looking forward to it. 
Have a lovely day, and thanks for being here!


Pink Eyelet Dress + The Cutest Headbands for Summer

I'm so obsessed with this cute little pink, eyelet look. Here's a little secret though - this dress used to be white, and I dyed it this beautiful pink color. (In fact, I styled it in white on the blog - you can view that post here.) Sometimes, when I grow tired of an item, but I still like it, I'll consider dying it. Dying something a different color can really bring new life to it. Plus, I feel like the eyelet pattern on this dress is even more beautiful in pink, and it stands out even more, which I love. Have you ever dyed any of your clothes? It's something I got into when I didn't have much of a budget for clothes, when I was in my early 20's, and it's a skill I'm glad I have now, because I kind of love being able to change the color of a piece, whenever I want.

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Another element of this look that I can't leave out is my adorable, padded headband. Oh, the heart eyes. I was a little unsure of this trend when I first saw it, because something about it seems a little extravagant and silly. But, I've definitely grown to love me some headbands, and I'm kind of obsessed with them, now! I've grown quite the collection, and I feel like I'm always finding a reason to accessorize with them. Plus, as an added bonus, Lorelai Gilmore wears headbands sometimes on Gilmore Girls, and you guys know my Gilmore Girls obsession! I hope you love the headbands I've selected, and are getting use out of the trend, as well.
Thanks for being here, and have a great day!


Blue Bubble Sleeve Dress

I absolutely adore this beautiful statement sleeve mini dress. I'm such a big fan of mini-dresses that still seem feminine and sweet. The gingham print plus the larger-than-life sleeves of this dress give it just that vibe. Paired with a pearl headband, some white, heeled sandals, and a bunch of flowers, and you've got yourself the sweetest little Southern Belle outfit. This blue color and white are definitely my go-to Summer color combination. I'm obsessed, and it's so classic and pretty, every time. What are your favorite colors to wear in the Summer? 


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Hope you're having a great week, guys! Ours has been great, and I'm so excited for this weekend (as always!) The kids wanted to order kites, which I'm positive won't be able to fly very well with the amount of wind we have in June, but ya know!? They'll probably love running around with their kites tailing behind them, anyway. haha And, I think we're going to have beautiful weather, so we're sure to spend a lot of time outside enjoying it. Hope you have a fun weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


White Lace Midi Skirt + My favorite Summer Midis

This beautiful midi-skirt is one of my all-time favorite pieces from Chicwish. It's not only gorgeous, but also feels like a dream to wear. It's lined, the waistband is stretchy, and the material is super soft. Seriously, it would be so perfect for so many events, and I'm just obsessed. I paired it with this cute coral crop top, and the way these two work together was just perfect. I was joking with my friend yesterday that crop tops are never actually cropped on me. I could probably make them appear more cropped, but the way I usually choose to pair them with high-waisted bottoms, they rarely are. This one isn't even close to showing skin, so you'd be totally fine at any church or family function, in this whole outfit.

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How was your weekend, lovelies? Ours was great! We celebrated our eleven year anniversary, Ross and I. ELEVEN years! I seriously feel like it's been about four. haha They've felt so jam packed full of life, and love and big changes, and small adjustments. We made two beautiful kids together, we've made a sweet little life for ourselves, and I'm so happy to call him my husband. Even though we couldn't really celebrate the way we wanted this year (thanks, pandemic), it was still a great reminder that I love this man I married, and this life we have. 
Thanks for being here, you guys, and have a wonderful Monday!