Pink Eyelet Dress + The Cutest Headbands for Summer

I'm so obsessed with this cute little pink, eyelet look. Here's a little secret though - this dress used to be white, and I dyed it this beautiful pink color. (In fact, I styled it in white on the blog - you can view that post here.) Sometimes, when I grow tired of an item, but I still like it, I'll consider dying it. Dying something a different color can really bring new life to it. Plus, I feel like the eyelet pattern on this dress is even more beautiful in pink, and it stands out even more, which I love. Have you ever dyed any of your clothes? It's something I got into when I didn't have much of a budget for clothes, when I was in my early 20's, and it's a skill I'm glad I have now, because I kind of love being able to change the color of a piece, whenever I want.

Shop Eyelet Dresses and Cute Headbands:

Another element of this look that I can't leave out is my adorable, padded headband. Oh, the heart eyes. I was a little unsure of this trend when I first saw it, because something about it seems a little extravagant and silly. But, I've definitely grown to love me some headbands, and I'm kind of obsessed with them, now! I've grown quite the collection, and I feel like I'm always finding a reason to accessorize with them. Plus, as an added bonus, Lorelai Gilmore wears headbands sometimes on Gilmore Girls, and you guys know my Gilmore Girls obsession! I hope you love the headbands I've selected, and are getting use out of the trend, as well.
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