White Lace Midi Skirt + My favorite Summer Midis

This beautiful midi-skirt is one of my all-time favorite pieces from Chicwish. It's not only gorgeous, but also feels like a dream to wear. It's lined, the waistband is stretchy, and the material is super soft. Seriously, it would be so perfect for so many events, and I'm just obsessed. I paired it with this cute coral crop top, and the way these two work together was just perfect. I was joking with my friend yesterday that crop tops are never actually cropped on me. I could probably make them appear more cropped, but the way I usually choose to pair them with high-waisted bottoms, they rarely are. This one isn't even close to showing skin, so you'd be totally fine at any church or family function, in this whole outfit.

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How was your weekend, lovelies? Ours was great! We celebrated our eleven year anniversary, Ross and I. ELEVEN years! I seriously feel like it's been about four. haha They've felt so jam packed full of life, and love and big changes, and small adjustments. We made two beautiful kids together, we've made a sweet little life for ourselves, and I'm so happy to call him my husband. Even though we couldn't really celebrate the way we wanted this year (thanks, pandemic), it was still a great reminder that I love this man I married, and this life we have. 
Thanks for being here, you guys, and have a wonderful Monday!

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