Vionic Shoes | Athleisure Wear for Summer

I had so much fun styling this fun little athleisure look, and these pretty pink Vionic sneakers were a big part of keeping my casual look feminine and stylish. Not only are they the most beautiful shade of pink, but they're so comfy and light, and they're going to be perfect for my day-to-day life, right now, while chasing around kids, running errands, and going on walks. These kinds of outfits don't make the blog very often, but I've mentioned before that they're really what I live in throughout the week, and my sneakers are often my go-to shoes. So, finding a comfy and super cute sneaker that I can wear with a lot of my looks is important to me. A note on sizing for these: for me, they ran true to size, and they're really sleek, not bulky, which I really appreciated. Click here to shop these pink sneakers, or click the picture in the widget below.

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What have you guys been doing to stay active during the past few months? Since the gym isn't really the place I want to be right now, I've been getting in a lot of walks around my neighborhood, and also doing some band, kettlebell, and body-weight exercises at home. I think it's super important to get your exercise, and also to get out of the house, when you can, especially if you're staying home most the time, right now. The fresh air always improves my mood, and the exercise gives me an endorphin boost. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you're staying happy and healthy during this time! Thanks so much for being here guys, and have a fantastic week!


The White Eyelet Set Series, Part III

I featured this look in my stories last weekend, and here's the official blog post featuring the CUTEST eyelet set ever! I seriously cannot stop buying white sets for Summer, you guys. Someone come help me. hahaha. I have 4 of them now, and yes, you're going to be seeing all 4. *Covers face*. But, I mean, honestly, can you blame me? I'm obsessed with how darn cute these are! This one, especially is so darling, with the beautiful hemlines and embroidered, eyelet details. So feminine and pretty! Plus, I'm loving the little ruffle on the top, and the way the skirt kicks out. And, as an added bonus, when you buy a set like this, you can also always break up the pieces and pair them with different tops and bottoms to make so many new looks! I can't wait to do that with this one - I know it's gonna go so well with so many of the things already in my closet.

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 I also can't post this without talking about these wedges! Oh my gosh, you guys! These espadrille wedges are the stuff my dreams are made of. I LOVE the ballerina vibes they give off, and the pale pink color is THE perfect shade. I have a very similar pair of shoes in cream, and when I saw them in this beautiful pink, I had to have them! Funny story, actually, hubby and I were on a shopping freeze at the time (where we decide not to spend money on frivolous things for an amount of time), but when I saw these and showed them to him, he just shook his head and said to go ahead and buy them. He knew I'd never be able to get these out of my head, and he was totally right! But, they're actually on sale right now, and so for under $60, they're honestly such a great buy, and I don't regret this purchase for a second.
 Thanks so much for being here guys, and letting me share my outfits and love for all things girly with you! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Eyelet, Floral Midi Skirt

This midi skirt is such a dream, with the big blue flowers and eyelet details, throughout. It was so fun to style and wear - I felt like a total princess! My obsession with blue and white in Spring and Summer is definitely no secret... sometimes I think it surpasses my love for pink! Did I just type that out loud!? haha No, I don't mean it, but they blue might come in close to a tie with pink in the Spring and Summer months for real! This is one of those lovely midi skirts from Chicwish... you guys know I just adore them for midi skirts, they have the best ones! And, this one is A+, in my opinion.

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Hope you're having a great Thursday! I had some more dental work today, and have my last appointment for this procedure on Monday. After that, I'm hoping to be all done with dental work for a good long while! haha (If you know me, I always say that, and always seem to need something done at the dentist. But, oh well, I'll keep hoping!) Now that the procedure is almost complete, I'm hoping we can have a nice weekend, and just work on showing you guys all the cutest pieces I've been acquiring lately! :)
Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Tropical Vibes | Summer Sundresses

This dress is a little outside my typical color scheme and overall aesthetic, but I couldn't help myself. It's just so fun, and feminine, and Summery! I've also actually really been loving green a lot more, lately, and I've seen it over and over on so many cute things, this Spring and Summer. Green feels like such a universally flattering color - I really think a lot of shades of green work well on anyone. And speaking of flattering, I just love this dress and how the back is open. I think seeing a woman's back in a little Summer dress is so sexy, and this dress does such a great job of being sexy and feminine without being revealing. Chicwish actually has several dresses with this open back, and I own a few of them now!

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I hope you're having a great day so far! Ours got off to a bit of a slow start, but I'm pulling through! Honestly, sharing my most recent finds with you guys has been a big highlight of my day! I'm working on creating a ton of RewardStyle links and getting some posts caught up, there. I've also been trying to get into doing more stories on Instagram, and I'm hoping I can start sharing my looks there, a little more often. 
Thanks so much for stopping by, today! Have a great week!

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White Eyelet Puff Sleeve Blouse + Knotted Headband

You guys know I'm not shy when it comes to buying ALL the eyelet every Spring and Summer. Well, when I saw this cute eyelet top at Chicwish, I just knew it was going to be mine. I couldn't wait to pair it with these cute, raw hemline denim shorts, and this outfit did not disappoint. This top is a great length if you're going for that cropped look, but you're not super into showing your stomach. Paired with high-waisted demin, you can't see any midriff, yet it still gives off that vibe, if you know what I mean. Plus, I'm obsessed with the little daisy-like eyelet print, and the cute little buttons at the chest. I'm also absolutely obsessed with the headbands, still! Can you tell? haha I feel like I wear them with every outfit, right now, and I'm totally not sorry!

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 Happy weekend, you guys! Honestly, I'm not sure what we're up to, but I'm excited anyway! It's been a crazy week, and the kids have absolutely worn me out. They're just at that age where they're wide open from the moment they open their eyes in the mornings, and, of course, that means Mommy is right behind them all day. Don't get me wrong, I honestly love it! But, whew. Tired Momma is tired. haha Anyway, I'll let you guys know what we do end up getting into, and I hope you get to do something fun, too! Thanks for being here!


Floral Peplum Blouse

How cute is the small floral print on this blouse? I love it and the colors, and especially love how it looks against this light-wash denim skirt. This top is so perfect and flattering - the ruching at the waist is not only adorable, but it does such a great job at fitting the smallest part of your waist and making you look great! I also love the buttons down the front and the detail at the bust. So many fun things to note! And, of course I found a skirt to pair it with, but this top would look so cute with jeans - literally any shade of jeans would be so perfect, but I was thinking how cute it would look with white jeans - definitely going to wear it that way next time! 
P.S. I just discovered this exact print is sold out, but I'm going to link the same top in a pretty pistachio green color, and some other similar ones, all from Chicwish.

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I sure hope you're having a nice week. We have so many things going on this week at our house, and it's definitely busy, but they're things we really needed to get done, so I'm looking forward to it all. Plus! I have so many cute outfits to shoot for you, and I seriously can't wait! Do I always say that? Kinda... but it's always true! I just got the cutest shoes in, and oooo you're just gonna love them! Can't wait to show you! Okay, I'm off to do all kinds of fun things, and I hope you have a productive Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by!


White Eyelet Set + Woven Accessories

Honestly, I'm so obsessed with this adorable white eyelet set from Chicwish, I can't even explain. The top is absolutely perfect - just the right amount of poof on the sleeves and cropped to the perfect length. And the skirt is also adorable, and has the cutest flair and length, too. I loooved styling this with all my natural, woven accessories... got a little carried away! haha But, you could style this so so many different ways. In fact, you could easily break these pieces up and make entirely new outfits by pairing the top with any skirt (imagine a cute jean skirt or even denim shorts!), and the skirt with basically any cute top. Totally new outfits, and at the price-point, you're totally getting a steal! P.S. this fabric is a bit sheer, but the whole outfit is lined, so you're definitely good to go (it's not see-through).

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I hope you guys had a wonderful July 4th weekend! We had so much fun celebrating, relaxing, and watching the fireworks. This was the first year I feel like both kids were really able to enjoy the fireworks (and, therefore, I was able to kind of sit back and enjoy them, too!) While I snapped a few pictures of them watching those fireworks in complete awe, I was struck that this is the first year in a while that I wasn't running around putting a baby to bed instead of enjoying the fireworks. They were able to stay up a bit past their bedtime without it causing huge issues for their schedules. They were able to walk a pretty far distance with us, to get to the field where we watched fireworks. They weren't afraid of the loud noises, but loved watching and listening to the exciting new sounds. They woke up this morning chirping away about the loud, sparky, beautiful fireworks they saw. It was honestly the best, and have I said that I'm completely in love with my kids, lately? They're currently laying in the living room under a blanket fort, listening to their Dad read them a story, and I'm off to go join them! Have a great Monday!

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