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I had so much fun styling this fun little athleisure look, and these pretty pink Vionic sneakers were a big part of keeping my casual look feminine and stylish. Not only are they the most beautiful shade of pink, but they're so comfy and light, and they're going to be perfect for my day-to-day life, right now, while chasing around kids, running errands, and going on walks. These kinds of outfits don't make the blog very often, but I've mentioned before that they're really what I live in throughout the week, and my sneakers are often my go-to shoes. So, finding a comfy and super cute sneaker that I can wear with a lot of my looks is important to me. A note on sizing for these: for me, they ran true to size, and they're really sleek, not bulky, which I really appreciated. Click here to shop these pink sneakers, or click the picture in the widget below.

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What have you guys been doing to stay active during the past few months? Since the gym isn't really the place I want to be right now, I've been getting in a lot of walks around my neighborhood, and also doing some band, kettlebell, and body-weight exercises at home. I think it's super important to get your exercise, and also to get out of the house, when you can, especially if you're staying home most the time, right now. The fresh air always improves my mood, and the exercise gives me an endorphin boost. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you're staying happy and healthy during this time! Thanks so much for being here guys, and have a fantastic week!

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