The Cutest Pumpkin Spice Cape for Fall

 I'm crazy over this color, for Fall. I usually try to keep things a bit more feminine, using blush pinks and creams, even into the Fall season, but I thought, honestly, what's more feminine than a beautiful pumpkin spice colored cape and some booties!? It's definitely fun for me to break out of my typical mold and do something a bit different, and this cape from Chicwish certainly brings that! I'm obsessed with how soft and warm it is, and the fit is just dreamy. It's fitted in the arms, which creates a bit of definition, and then the rest of your body will be perfectly hidden, should you need to, maybe, eat Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps? haha Seriously so fun. I definitely see myself wearing this to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks.

Speaking of the pumpkin patch... how are you guys doing with the social distancing and all the fun Fall activities we have going on around us? We've yet to try something like that, with the kids being so little, but I definitely think social distancing could be done well, in that type of situation, so here's hoping it works out for us. I was also thinking of possibly doing just a scenic Fall drive up to the mountains to see some of the Fall foliage, another fun option if you're looking for ways to ring in Fall, while maintaining your distance. I hope you guys are having a great week, so far! My birthday is Thursday, so I'm excited to celebrate and have a fun time with Ross and the kids. Have a great day, and thanks for being here!



Welcome, Fall!


Happy first day of Fall, everyone! I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as we are. There are "warm apple pie" scented candles burning, I'm getting out all the Fall decor, and the kids are highly aware that Fall is a special season, where Mom and Dad just seem happier and more vibrant, for some reason. Everything just feels crisp and fresh, and the weather is actually cooperating kind of early, for once, here in SC.

These pictures were completely unplanned, and I can't help but laugh at myself just a little, but honestly... this is who I am. We went to go fly kites in this field near our house, and there were these beautiful yellow flowers that I couldn't resist taking some photos with. So, yes, armed with the knowledge of said flowers, and my trusty husband and camera, once we finished our kite flying and fish-feeding adventures, I marched these little booties back home and exchanged their homely clothes for these cute ones, and we came back for these photos. hahaha And, I have no shame. I couldn't miss the opportunity to ring in Fall, on the blog! 

 Hope you're having a great week and a wonderful start to my favorite season! Bring on the pumpkin spice!



Lilac Embroidered Dress


The details on this little lilac dress from Chicwish are just so absolutely stunning! This is one of my very favorite colors, and I love how it looks paired with these pretty little pearl accessories. I feel like they bring out the white embroidery even more, and accentuate the feminine feel of the look. Plus, I love the slightly ruffled hemline and the puff sleeves and square neckline, creating just the perfect silhouette. You guys know I'm into all things girly, and this one does not disappoint! 

I hope you guys have had a great week! I'm so excited for this weekend. We're going to start decorating for Fall, and all the fun Fall things on the horizon have me all giddy inside. I'm drinking Apple Cinnamon Tea as I type this! And the weather is definitely starting to get cooler. I just placed an order for some cute new Fall clothes, and I'm just really in the Fall spirit! (This is nothing new, of course. If you read my blog or follow my Instagram, you probably know how basic I am about the Fall season. It's definitely always been my favorite!) I've also started to get our Halloween costumes ready already! Halloween is a favorite holiday around here, and I usually craft at least some part of our costumes. Just so excited for all the fun things on the way! I hope you have fun plans for the weekend, and thanks so much for being here!



Activewear from Chicwish

I'm just loving this pretty little active-wear set from Chicwish, you guys. The ombre fade effect from grey to light pink is just so pretty and unique. The leggings are thick and suck you in, in all the right places, and the sports bra has such great support and lift. I just love getting new clothes for walking and working out in, it always inspires me to stick with my exercise plan when I get to wear cute new clothes! I mean, cute new clothes are kind of what inspire me to do anything, ammirite, ladies?! haha 

I hope you guys are having a terrific week! We're doing distance learning with our oldest (which basically means I'm homeschooling her, I'm learning). It's been quite an adjustment, and I apologize for my absence on the blog the past few weeks. We're starting to get into the swing of things, and I'm glad to have a bit more time for blogging again. I'm also starting to get excited about Halloween - mainly because I always make our costumes (or at least part of our costumes), so I get started a bit early so that I have time to get everything together. Halloween is so fun when you have young kids, and I can't wait to do all the little activities with them, this year. I hope you have a good Wednesday! Thanks for being here!