Welcome, Fall!


Happy first day of Fall, everyone! I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as we are. There are "warm apple pie" scented candles burning, I'm getting out all the Fall decor, and the kids are highly aware that Fall is a special season, where Mom and Dad just seem happier and more vibrant, for some reason. Everything just feels crisp and fresh, and the weather is actually cooperating kind of early, for once, here in SC.

These pictures were completely unplanned, and I can't help but laugh at myself just a little, but honestly... this is who I am. We went to go fly kites in this field near our house, and there were these beautiful yellow flowers that I couldn't resist taking some photos with. So, yes, armed with the knowledge of said flowers, and my trusty husband and camera, once we finished our kite flying and fish-feeding adventures, I marched these little booties back home and exchanged their homely clothes for these cute ones, and we came back for these photos. hahaha And, I have no shame. I couldn't miss the opportunity to ring in Fall, on the blog! 

 Hope you're having a great week and a wonderful start to my favorite season! Bring on the pumpkin spice!


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