Fur Trim Pea Coat


You might think I'm exaggerating when i say this beautiful pink pea coat is my favorite coat ever. EVER! I assure you I am not. It's from Chicwish and fits like a dream - like seriously, was it custom made for me? And it's so luxurious... Thick, and warm, while still keeping your figure. And, do I really even need to mention the color here? I mean, I will. It's the perfect, neutral shade of pink that goes with everything. It's seriously the perfect winter coat, and I'm so glad to have it! The fur collar is detachable, and it looks just as good without the fur. I honestly love it so much both ways, I can't even choose! 

Happy Holidays, you guys!! I can't believe Christmas is THIS week! Are you all prepared?! I have a few more small things to pick up - like a few groceries for the day and stuff. But, our presents are all ready and wrapped, and I CANNOT wait to see the smiles on my kids faces when they wake up Christmas morning. (One of the things I need to pick up is cookie dough to make cookies for Santa! How cute, right?!) Last night, we went and looked at the lights in a few neighborhoods around us, and then came home to drink hot cocoa. And, a few nights ago, we made a gingerbread house together. It's just so sweet, guys. I'm so happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, today, and I hope you have a fantastic Monday!


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