Maxi Skirts for Vacay


I had so much fun styling this beautiful skirt, not to mention twirling around in it the whole time I was wearing it! I usually go for more muted, pastel colors in the Spring, but I have to say, this color pink always speaks to me, and it's hard to resist! Especially when I saw that Chicwish had this lovely maxi skirt in this gorgeous color, I just had to pick it up, and I'm super glad I did! I also have this skirt in a fun teal color, which is so perfect for vacay vibes. I'll link the skirt below in a few color options!  

I hope you guys have had a good few weeks! We're excited to be wrapping up the school year in the next three weeks, and we've been so so busy doing all the work. haha But, I see lots of lake days and pool days in our very near future, and I'm getting super excited about that and all the fun posts and cute outfits/swimsuits that I'll be sharing! Hope you enjoy your week, and I'll be back with more fun Spring and Summer looks soon!

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Little White Dresses

I fell in love with this dress from the moment I saw it. The crochet details on the hemline and the sleeves are just to die for! And, the silhouette is so lovely. I'm obsessed with everything about it! For my brides to be, this Spring and Summer, I wanted to share a few of my current favorite Little White Dresses from Chicwish. They are all super affordable, great quality, and just gorgeous! Just click on any of the dresses below to shop all my current favorite LWDs!

I hope you guys are having the best week! I've been seriously busy, but it feels great, and I'm getting so much done, which always feels nice. I hope you guys are ready for all the fun new pieces I'll be sharing on the blog and instagram! Plus, we're in the process of kind of re-modeling our back deck, and I'm SO ready to use that this Spring and Summer! It'll be so nice, especially with the kids. Yay for home upgrades! 

I hope you have a productive week as well, and I'll see you on the next post!



White Floral Peplum Top



You guys! This floral, eyelet peplum top is THE cutest top for transitioning into Spring. It's already pretty warm, here, buuuut on those chilly mornings and evenings, the sleeves on this top would be so nice. And when it warms up during the day, it's still pretty lightweight and not gonna suffocate you, ya know? Plus, I mean, every single thing about this top is the absolute cutest detail you can dream up. Little flutter sleeves, eyelet detailing, little embroidered flowers, and a peplum silhouette. Just so fun and flowy and Spring-like! Chicwish just has some of the cutest, feminine tops for Spring right now!

Speaking of Spring, are you guys having the perfect weather we are? The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it's making me feel so happy, lately! I'm definitely excited to be wearing my cute Spring clothes for the Season, and I have so much fun stuff to share with you! And, can you even believe Easter is coming up so soon!? The dress I'm wearing in the next post would be the perfect little Easter dress, and I know you'll just love it! 

Thanks for being here, today, and I hope you have a fantastic week!


Beautiful and Detailed Lace Tops from Chicwish



I just love this top so much, you guys! I have always just had a huge affinity for lace, and this color blue, too! Spring/Summer and this color blue just go hand in hand for me. You guys know I love pink, and I think this exact shade of blue might be my second favorite color. But, guess what! This top actually comes in a beautiful and ultra feminine shade of pale pink, and also this gorgeous blue and a classic and sophisticated white. Chicwish just knows which shades and colors to give me. haha! But, for real. You guys will absolutely love this top. I can't recommend it enough. The material feels so nice - such great quality and just beautiful details and colors.

So, it's like already feeling like Spring here! I'm a little bummed that it never really snowed in our area, buuuut, I also can't complain that I get to pull out all my cute new Spring pieces that I'm dying to wear! Oh my gosh, you guys! I have so many cute and fun things to share with you guys! Spring fashion is just so beautiful and so feminine. I can't handle it, right now. hah! 
Thanks so much for stopping by, today, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Pink on Pink | Cute Mini Skirts to transition into Spring


This whole look is from Chicwish, which is obviously my favorite, but the quality and price of their pieces are just the best! I've worn this top before in a few posts (view here), but this skirt is just so soft and thick. Plus, the color is so cute and perfect. I'm obsessed with each piece, and the pairing is just too good! You guys know about my obsession with pink, and these neutral, but pink shades are absolutely my favorite! 

I mentioned that my daughter's birthday was this past week. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and then my son's birthday is next week! It's honestly a crazy month in our house, but I have so much fun with it. The kids love all the stuff I put together for them, and I just love celebrating them so much! haha It's the best time of year, as far as I'm concerned! I know that you guys with kids can relate to how making your kids happy does just the same for you. It's honestly kind of addictive! And, I love it. 

Thanks so much for being here, you guys, and I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day and a great weekend!



The Perfect Wrap Coat to keep you warm and stylish


I love the way this wrap coat fits! It's from Chicwish, like all of my favorite coats, and if you're petite or on the petite side of average, like I consider myself, you will probably love the way this one fits. It's a great length and I love that it's belted, so it accentuates your waist and creates a nice figure. It's also going to be the perfect coat for transitioning into Spring, as it's lightweight, while still being such great quality. And, don't get me started on the color! I'm going to be wearing this with everything, and I can't wait!

Oh gosh, you guys! I'm getting so excited about everything this week holds! I mentioned all the fun things coming up in my last post. I'll be starting to get everything together tomorrow, and it's just so fun. I'm also starting to think about Spring clothes and Easter, and that also has me like SO pumped, because I LOVE Spring. Spring fashion is just so beautiful and girly and perfect! I can't wait for it all, and I'll be sure to share what I pick up with you guys!

Thanks for being here, and have a great day!



Hearts and Pearls | Girly sweaters you'll love

This outfit is the cutest thing ever, and would be so perfect for Valentine's Day! I love wearing something cute like this for daytime on Valentines, and then changing into a fun, slinky dress if you're going on a date. Plus, this fuzzy heart sweater is super warm and, if you'd prefer to wear it with some cute leggings or jeans, you'll be super comfy, but also so chic all day long! And, did you notice the pearl details on a few of the hearts!? It's seriously so adorable, and I can't get over it! Chicwish always has the cutest sweaters for Valentines!

I can't believe this week is upon us. My daughter's birthday is in a few days, and then Valentines Day is Sunday! And, then my son's birthday is the next week! It's one of the most fun few weeks of our entire year, and I just love it! It comes at a point in winter when I need some fun and excitement, too. Kind of that dead point after Christmas but before Spring. It definitely livens the whole month of February up for us. Last night, we kicked off the festivities by baking heart-shaped cookies, and the kids have been playing with Valentines balloons already for a week. haha! Plus, I can't wait to give them all their birthday presents, as spoiling them has become a recent favorite pass-time of mine! 

I hope you have a good week and have some fun things planned for the months ahead, as well! Thanks so much for being here!


Plaid Mini Skirt




Mini skirts and over the knee boots are one of my all-time favorite pairings in the Fall and Winter. If it's super cold where you are, you could always layer some warm fleece-lined tights under your boots, but I didn't need that at all where we are! haha I'm obsessed with this little mini skirt - so pretty and easy to pair with so many tops and boots in my closet! Of course, you could also wear it with pumps for a dressier look. But, even when it does get cold here, these boots plus some over the knee socks under them always keep me super warm, so I'm definitely partial to them! Check out Chicwish for all the cutest mini skirts!

How is your week going? We've been working hard, over here, and I'm definitely already looking forward to the weekend! No judgement, okay? I know it's only Wednesday, but it's already been a long week. Plus, I have so many fun new things to share for Winter, I can't even wait! We were considering finding someplace to go snow tubing this weekend, so I'll definitely keep you updated if we do that. I think it would be so fun! Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great day!