Princess vibes in my Bubble Sweater and tulle skirt

I had such a great time styling this beautiful sweater with these cute little bubble details. I couldn't resist pairing it with this fabulous tulle skirt, as they're both the same tone. And I felt like a princess the whole time! Of course, you could totally pair this lovely sweater with jeans and booties for a much more practical outfit. And, I'll definitely do that in the future... but for now, let's have a little fun on the blog! :) But seriously, this sweater is so perfect. It's super warm, but not overly thick, so less bulky than some, which I love. Plus it's that perfect length to kind of tuck and make it look cropped, or you could wear it longer with leggings or jeggings, if you prefer that look. Chicwish does it again!

 How is your week going!? We're all super excited over here because it might snow a little bit tomorrow. And, we rarely get snow in our area, so it's less of an annoying inconvenience and more just an exciting thing for us to do and prepare for! haha So, today I'm planning to go get all the groceries (bread and milk, because that's just what you do, right?!), and make sure we're fully prepared for our half inch of snow. I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


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