White Bubble Sweater


This sweater is so perfect for Winter. Super comfy, heavy, and warm. Not to mention, adorable, and can be paired with pretty much anything. I had a lot of fun styling it this way, which isn't the typical direction I go with my outfits, but the black jean and the doc Martin-inspired shoes are kind of doing it for me, right now. Chicwish actually has a very similar sweater, with a v-neckline that comes in several different colors, too. I have that sweater in light pink, and it's super fun to dress that one ultra-girly, so taking this white one the complete other way was super different and fun for me. I've been enjoying experimenting with my style, more, lately, and I'm excited to try out even more different and unique pairings. 

Happy New Year, you guys!! I'm so excited for a fresh feeling to walk into 2021 with. I had hoped not to step into this year with more talks of Covid-19, but I'm definitely excited about the vaccine and the hope that the future holds more normalcy. I can't wait to hug everyone, get together with friends, have my parents and my sister over, again, take the kids to the parks and the stores. I feel like none of us are ever going to take those things for granted, again, and how wonderful will that be! 

Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great New Year's Day and a fun weekend!


  1. Cute sweater!