Chicwish Review 2021 and a look at some of my current favorites







It's no secret that Chicwish is one of my top places to shop. And, for good reason. They honestly have the best quality for price that I've ever found. These aren't pieces I'm planning to wear once and toss away, they're pieces that stay in my closet and stand the test of time. That's important to me, because each season, I'm able to recycle pieces I already have in my closet, while feeling like I'm not sacrificing on style. With sustainability becoming increasingly important to me, I'm looking for pieces that can hold up to multiple wears.... pieces that combine style and function. Chicwish does a great job at being both affordable and high quality. I'm honestly blown away by some of the coats I have (and wear often!) from them. They're heavy, winter coats that will actually keep you warm, not just cute! And, I love their tweed skirts. I have quite a few wool and tweed mini skirts that I wear each Fall and winter, and they're always going to be lined, have nice buttons/hardware, and fit beautifully. 
That brings me to another point about Chicwish that I love. Their pieces fit true to size. You can check the sizing chart they give for each piece, and that sizing chart matches what you will receive. It's so important, when you're shopping online, that the clothing fits properly and matches the description of the sizing given. You don't get to try things on, so you need to be able to rely on those measurements. And, that's exactly what Chicwish provides. 

The last point I want to make about Chicwish clothes is their beautiful selection. You are guaranteed to find the latest, trendy, yet sophisticated styles, on their site. They always have such a wonderful selection of delicate, feminine, and luxury pieces. The details are truly beautiful, and each piece I receive looks like it has been made with care. 

I've listed each piece that's photographed above in the widget below. Clicking the piece will bring you directly to the Chicwish site so you can order your own. You can be sure that each one is just as beautiful as it looks, just as artfully made as I've described, and great quality material and feel. I always have so much fun styling my Chicwish pieces, and I know you'll love them too!